I am a thought meant for someone
Yet, It’s always someone else thinking of me


Reflection in a mirror gives me existence
It is my destiny to reflect within someone


I am a dream meant for someone
Yet It's always someone else dreaming of me


A few words is all it takes, when described me well
Spots of black I am, on a paper so white


I am a thought

meant to reflect in some one
Yet, it's always some one else

That feels gifted to reflect with me

There are some that are destined for me
Yet, some get so lost in search of me


I am a thought;

I can only exist for a moment or two
I can become a part of history

If some one decides to carve into me


I am a thought destined for someone
Yet it’s always someone else thinking of me

I am a thought, just a thought


Nick Kler

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Clay Archer's picture

very nice theme.....good rhythm and meter....I believe this is one of my favorites Ive read here in a couple of days...

good job