missing him

the earth doesnt turn

the earth doesn't turn
by Sheridan Grilli
did you think i would not notice
did you think i would not care
when the breezy is blowing the sunless air
every unanswered call
every night hitting
my head against the wall
now i know...
when that lightning strikes
when i feel alone
when ever i speak and nothings heard
what i know is this...
the sun will shine tomorrow even if the earth doesn't turn.
last night i dreamed of you
not the kind of thing i talk about.
even if talking by a weary creek
the only babbling came from me
sharing my hopes and dreams.
yes being here baby is nothing new.
even now i know what i have to do...
when that lightning strikes
when i feel alone
when ever i speak and nothings heard
what i know is this...
the sun will shine tomorrow even if the earth doesn't turn.
oh baby
yes its true
every midnight dream
every moving stream
yes baby nothings new
even though the the sun will shine tomorrow the earth wont turn

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Without You


Every day I wake up
With the hope you’ll be online
Fumbling through the day,
I go to sleep without you

And I know that it’s only for now
But everyday the depression worsens
As I don’t get to talk to you
But all this is just a person’s

Need to be near another person
Yet I know you are trying
To get everything in order
But all this is underlying

My need to be with you
And my want to hold you
Am I insane? Could I want a man
That will never be with me and still be true

No I highly doubt that
For the last ten years
He has wanted to be with me
With a passion so hot it sears

Both him and me, it does
Go to sleep without talking to you
I will, if that proves my love
And I do love you, so true

Yet this poem doesn’t have an end
Because I don’t want an end
Of you and I, and to you
All my love, to you, I send

Written on
April 30, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is another poem written to Bri. About how I am missing him so badly. Its like I literally gave him my heart, and now that we arent talking, it breaks more and deeper each day we spend not talking.

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Miss You


Nallum I miss you

You are my beloved

The one to which

I will be wed


You will be my Hellren

And Shallan, to you, I will be

We will have many Nalas and Nallums

As soon as you come down, you shall see


But wait for you, I will

Even though right now, we can’t talk

You don’t have to worry about me,

From you, taking a long walk


I miss you so much it hurts

Yet I know you suffer too

But pain there will be

Until we next meet I will be blue



Written on

March 20, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

  Another one written to Bri. Some definitions; male version Nallum - beloved, Hellren - husband; female version Nala - beloved Shellan - wife. 

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If You Only Knew...

If You Only Knew…

Your hopes and dreams are shared….
If you only knew…
My support and understanding is endless, I genuinely care….
If you only knew…
How incredibly simple this could be….
If you only knew…
I accept you, your
life and your need to be free….
If you only knew…
I’m really not perfect, not even close….
If you only knew…
I make mistakes, but growth comes from those….
If you only knew…
The rate of my heart beat when you’re near…
If you only knew…
The count of my tears when you’re not here….

If you only knew…
How much our
love has continually grown….
If you only knew…
How sorry I am for my actions, so needlessly shown….

If you only knew…
You are the only man I think about….

If you only knew…
I love you with all my heart, there is no doubt…
If you only knew…
There is only one you…

Written by: Gereen April Salkowski©
Written for: Martin C.
Date written: June 10, 2010


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I chased him away and sabatoged the relationship. Big mistake this time... If he only knew. <3

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More Of You

I try to be patient
Acting like it
Doesn’t hurt me
Doesn’t confuse me
Like it doesn’t
Make me
You’re hectic life keeps you out of my arms
So I wait for the words
To soothe my aching loneliness
But they rarely come
At times they seem as empty
As the other side of this bed
My secrets fill the void you leave
But it
I need your kiss to please me
Your voice to appease me
Your touch to seize me
I need you to give me
All the things that remind me
Why I said yes
Why I said ok
And plan on packing my things
And coming your way
To stay
Until the day
That I can’t take the loneliness
Because I need more of you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To him....because I need him, more.

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