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I see an Angel in your eyes
So lovely to see
Wings way up high
Soaring high in the sky
Touching the heavens
Hands out for all to reach
I see a angel in your face
The way your eyes light up
Your smile so sweet
The diamples so deep
Your laughter lines
Your lips, I so want to kiss
I see love in the strong arms
The hand that guides me
I see the way you look at me
When you think Im not looking
I see you standing tall
When I say something, I shouldn't
But you know your answer will be yes
I hear bells when I hear your name
I see stars when I think of you
It is so good to share things with you
To tell you everything
God knew what he was doing
When he sent you to me!
I opened up like a rose in bloom
I see pure love in you.
I cherish you now and forever

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