I cried

as I watched the people's minds unfold

telling the story I'd never want to be told

I smelled blood on the hands of gods

as the ascension to Parthenon began

How did it come to this?

How did we come to this? 


I cried even more

as the cherubim blew the horn

announcing the pardoning

of criminals, thieves, and liars

who neither repented nor recanted

But we still bow down

and called it "Zeus's Will"


I cried

as the numbers flashed before my eyes

Demons partied in glorious lies

Victory is theirs at last

I watched 

as the flames of Hades burst before my eyes

50 million people heading to their own demise

Why did we come to this?

Why did it come to this? 


Hope has fled the horizon

Frail, beaten up and abandoned

The dark days are here

We will now only know the Face of Fear

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How I felt about the Philippine elections 2019.

Evil Lawyer

When it came to being a decent Human Being, you blew it.

You defended an evil man who was guilty and you knew it.

You knew he's a murderer but you still defended him.

He murdered a pregnant woman, that was very grim.

He admitted to you that he was guilty but you didn't and still don't care.

He killed both a woman and her unborn baby, you're living proof that life is unfair.

You're a lousy attorney and a lousy Human Being as well.

You're an evil woman and because of that, you'll go to Hell.

It should devastate you to know that because of you, criminals go free.

You should be disbarred and I think that other decent people will agree.

What goes around comes around, that's something you can bet your life on.

When you die, no people will be by your side, they'll be glad that you're gone.

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Alcatraz Penitentiary is located in California in San Francisco.

It became a Federal Penitentiary about eighty years ago.

Alcatraz was the prison where Al Capone was sent.

He wasn't happy about the place where he went.

Alcatraz had four wardens, they were James Johnston, Edwin Swope, Paul Madigan and Olin Blackwell.

Machine Gun Kelly, Mickey Cohen, Robert F. Stroud and many other criminals were sent to this jail.

Alcatraz is located on an island and was believed to be escape proof.

But in 1962, three men may have shown us that that wasn't the truth.

They escaped but were presumed dead but it's possible that they survived.

Their bodies were never found, nobody knows for sure if they're still alive.

Alcatraz closed in 1963 because of high maintenance costs and a poor reputation.

This wasn't a good prison to be sent to, believe me that's no exaggeration.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a true story.

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Fuck the Police.

The people who are suppose to serve and protect
Abuse their powers that's why they don't deserve respect
How are the people suppose to ask them for help
When they are scared when they find out how things are dealt
The saying "the punishment fits the crime" doesn't apply to them
As you can tell the chief's common sense is as good as pretend
So I agree with people when they say "FTP"
They're the same as the bullies but use brutality
Innocent people being pushed around and falsely accused
being thrown in jail, while the douche-bags are amused
we pay them, So we're their CEO
We should decide who stays and who goes
Some of them are good, but that is very rare
The others should be fired and taken to a daycare
Where they'll be surrounded by people who are very similar
And they all have the same name, They are criminals.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Too many stories about police brutality.

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