The Incredible Machine

A dawn of advance
The world was ready,
The people weren't
And their children heaved through years of framework,
It was progress...


Alas the good deeds
People found new needs,
They set out to reach
The things they would teach...


A night to recall
The battle was won,
The war neverending
Upon it they weaved a special network,
It was useless...


A spun web of fate
Of gaiety and hate,
Forgotten the days,
Of the mortal ways...


An eclipse of minds
Oiled engines and souls,
Young, riotous rage
And they wanted blood for joy and fireworks,

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As a backup to the fear propaganda, a network of spies and secret police known
as the Algorithms were embedded within the mainframe
to watch and profile programs/citizens;
those thought to pose a threat to the security of the underground sanctuary i.e.
those accused of speaking out against the master programmer or attempting
to escape the confines of the cities, were hunted down and reprogrammed;
those who could not be reprogrammed were purged from society.

Algorithm:(1) A formula or set of steps for solving a particular problem.

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