Lightning flashes as boulders of thunder,

Clash at each other like ferocious creatures,

Only a few minutes ago it was sunny and bright,

But now it appears even darker than night.

The wind's velocity is reaping my clothes,

The sound of its whooming fury gropes,

And uproots branches and trees from branches,

Such upheavals are sudden avalanches,

Warning people to never be caught unaware,

And a gigantic sound above tells us "beware",

Nature is beautiful and the scenes eye-catching,

But it can change itself and leave us trembling.

How nice that my beloved is safe at home,

And only I have to brave this storm all alone.

Let her be cosily be tucked by the fireside,

Imagining her will make the thunder subside.

The thunder and fury roaring outside,

And even that which is rumbling inside.

My prettiest beloved will be reading a book,

Worried the least about how outside does look.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed in between work, cups of tea, cigarettes and some warnings about how the calm weather outside is slowly changing. The thoughts about my beloved comfort me and make me battle the storm courageously, for, SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!

December 28, 2016. (Wednesday).

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