My heart knows

                     my heart knows 

as i think about you tonight i see our future with your hand in mine 

were all alone on a sandy beach basking in our love with our hearts entwine

as i gaze into your eyes so true i fell in love with you and my heart she glows

just to know you feel it too gives me new hope cause my heart knows 

 i would walk a thousand miles and more just to be with you and never rome

for when im there inside your loving arms i will feel like ive come home

your everything i dreamed you'd be and it is you that i have chose

knowing that you love me too makes me smile cause my heart knows

ive been thinking about you all day and when we first will meet

 that has been enough to exelerate my already fast heart beat

you found me on pof tis true but im the lucky one you chose

 fate has played a hand in this i know cause my heart knows








Author's Notes/Comments: 

                     This one was written for my boyfriend hope you all like it!!!

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