Your my greatest treasure!

Your my greatest treasure!


You graced Me with your presence the day That you arrived

Then you made your way into my heart and settled there and thrived

You light the world up with your smile and cheer them with your laughter

You bring joy into my life cuz your my greatest treasures

This special woman I see before me makes me proud she calls me Mom

And someday when she too has a child of her own my joy her way will come

The little girl with a skinned up knee knows one day she will Rome

And when you move away from me know in my heart your always home

A tainted past has always followed me thru out my life thus far

But your the one thing from my past to present I'm proud to have you follow

Remembering all those years that we've spent together makes me know for sure

That your my greatest treasures!


    Zoey cup

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one for my daughter when she moved to another state a few months ago hope you'll like it

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