What Christmas really means!

       What Christmas really means

Christmas used to mean something but that didn't really last

People now a days have forgotten it's true meaning and quite fast

Christmas isn't about presents, food, or even fancy scenes

One special gift lying in a manger that's what Christmas really means

It isn't about how many things you can get under the tree

Or that perfect ham that youve been glazing I hope you will agree

Christmas means so much more then those decorated evergreens

It means there's Hope for all the world cuz that's what Christmas really means

And when Jesus came to us that night even though he was quite small

It means that for us to go to in heaven he had to make that Call

Christmas means a while lot more then most people know or so it seams

So remember on this joyous day what Christmas really means


         Zoey cup

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one cuz some have forgotten what Christmas is about it's not about what you can give someone or what you can get it's not about presents or that big meal you've prepared it's about good will toward all mankind and helping your fellow man and family getting togethe!!! I hope you like it

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