Just Because...

Have you ever seen me upset just because,
say not a word just because?
Have you ever seen me cry just because, or
keep things to myself just because?

Do you love just because we need love,
make love to your lover just because?
Do we lie just because, tell the truth just

Why do we care, just because no one else may?
Have you ever wanted something so bad just because
you can have it? if so, easy comes, easy goes.

Do skies turn gray when the rain is coming just
because its nature's way of saying "carry your

When night falls do stars shine bright just because
the skies are clear and the moon full?
Does the sun welcome a new day just because it
is a new day?

Do you think I write poetry just because I have a
gift? Speak in verses in different tongues just
because I am linguistic?

Do we thrive for success just because we need to
survive? Do we struggle in life just because it it a
part of living? Do we fear the unknown just because
it is a door never opened?

Did God create us just because maybe he was
bored and needed entertainment in HIS life?
Do we commit sins just because we are human,
and it is human to err?

Are you going to critic this poem just because it
sounds nice or because you know the answers
between the lines? Reasons do not happen just

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nothing happens just because...

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