Pieces of Sanity 2010

One: Break it!
Destruction of a soul can be awe inspiring, but not when out of love.

Two: Uh-oh!
Everything is falling down, and I did not do anything!

Three: Azure
In the dull ashes, a gay glow blooms of fiery colours. Could this be dawn?

Four: Well Being
I am an open window, and I can feel the pleasure for once.

Five: Corner Stone
My world was never built on love. My world is crude and bleak.
Until I find the missing honour and beating heart.

Six: Lies
How much longer will I drink these lies?
Until all their flavors taste bland as cheap smokes?

Seven: Really?
A brick at a time, one-day and one-step at a time.
Yes, boring really.

Eight: Self Pleasures
The cheap whores please me no more than weak smoke sucked into my air bags.
My soul and heart are no longer pained by the fleshly sin and disgrace.

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The Veil

The veil between was gossamer

I tried to see right through

Casting shadows as in dreams

Secrets hid were more than few

I tore down the veil triumphantly

Declaring I could see

But then was hearkened to the sadness

That was to follow me

Bit by bit the veil in place

To cast its shadows before my eyes

Now once again I'm blind and free

And I'll believe all the lies.

S. Cooper/2006

sitting on the sidelines

Sitting in the actors space

there is danger in here
danger to reveal
that which is real

what's going on
do I know how I feel?
am I watching myself?
can I show up

let us explore...
this moment
what's in front of me
can I see?

Ooh... there's a pinch
how do I feel?
afraid to reveal...

sitting on the sidelines

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my second poem written January 5, 2011.

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Back Again



It's been two years since
I came here last. I am so



Today, It's a bright, sunny
May day. And I am here to
breath nature's beauty; to
watch these glad birds take
off and land smooothly on

the silent glittering lake in
Handsome Hermance's hand!


The lake ripples.
Excitment in my blood.
Sun rays form golden patterns
of blue and grey on the lake.
Beauty is born before my
excited eyes. Glory!
Peace in my soul.
Gratefulness to God who
made all that I see.


The lake ripples.
Still, excitement in my blood.
I am born anew in God's brilliant
beauty of the welcoming spirit -
His breathtaking creation!


The grass is green
and lush. On it I rest
my longing feet; and then, feel
nature's loving caress refresh
my little whole being.


Here I am, once again,
after all these years!
Excitment in my blood.
Peace in my soul!


Here I am once again, Lord:
back to nature; back to you;
just back again.
And You have strengthened
me for the life and
journey ahead.
This new day.  


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