The 21st Day - Sober

The 21st Day - Sober

By jfarrell


Day 21 been very ok,

Other than the ‘I am God, nothing can touch me’ bit

Which I just stare stupified at;

I don’t even believe in god

How can I be god?

Ah, forget it

I suppose we all go through that bit getting sober.


Day 16 was nuclear bomb wanting to go off

The terrorist attack on a kids concert

For multiple reasons

A fuse was lit and spent all next day burning

Until boom!

You wouldn’t believe how destructive

An explosion of poetry can be


After that I went to bed knowing I had changed the world

Fell asleep thinking “is this how it feels to be god?, disappointing,

I thought there’d be more rainbows.”

And woke up to an email saying “congratulations on your new job;

You are god.”


I am still sober, day 21 now

Last few days been easy

In a way I can’t explain,

And don’t trust;

If it weren’t for the god complex bit,

I’d be feeling very happy now;

Instead, cant help but feel a little….. concerned?…… worried?…

It doesn’t matter

I’m sober and I’m still standing :)


Thanks for your support everyone :)


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still sober

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As My Blood Turns To Alcohol

I need to be drunk,
I need to feel pain,
but from it, what do I gain?
Nothing, I'm just slowly being slain.
And by my own hand,
my own fucking demand.

Just look at me, how I spend my day.
The second I hear the alarm clock,
I'm reaching for that bottle of bock.
Then throughout the day I grow more pale,
bottle after bottle, ale after ale.
Then every time the thought to stop comes about,
I drown my doubt in a bottle of stout.

And to think it all started as a test,
Now I cant live without the taste, the sweetness,
Is there such a thing as alcohol proof happiness?

In my mind I'm screaming,
Somebody stop me!
I need help!
Don't leave me for dead!
I don't even sleep at night, I just lie in bed,
because there's nothing louder in my head than these words I never said.

Now I have a prediction,
about the future of my addiction.
I'd like to say I'll recover some day,
But I've never been one for words of fiction.
Odds are I'll continue to cave,
Until I meet an early grave.
Is there any other way to live with this insatiable crave?

-The Fever

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its not always a walkin in the park..sometimes its more..

it was a warm that day
the sun was out and we were having fun
but latley there was something alittle off with me
to bad no one seen it
i open the bottle and took the crown
i was to meet you in 5mins
but a block up the street my mind went
it all hit me
the walk in the park was hard to do
i couldnt keep my feet on the ground
i man with a badge walked up to me
and threw the cuffs on
till that moment my record was clean
now i got public drunkness
and as it may not be bad to some
but it was the wake up call i needed
now i will put that bottle down alittle more

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more or less this is me ranting..

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Wulfman Adventures

Wishing on dropping tears
To have a walled home again
Somewhere to hang my dreams
Not to give up hope
Though sins are cheap
All the false leaping out
Using all known strength
Just to cope

With the yen and pull of sins
For the dope high
Some days it is like a Bengal Tiger
And home seems so far away
Unhooking the tiger’s claws
Grit my teeth, flex my might
Hold the tiger’s tail tight

And wish on fallen tears

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