I didn’t believe in luck.  It was five long years ago.

 I was working down below  and next

thing I know, the mines started collapsing. 

 I fortunately made it out alive.  Only with some

bruises and a broken arm.  I do now believe

in luck.  The broken arm got me out of the

mines for good.  Weeks after the accident, I

opened my bar. Life above the ground is

not always easy.   It was all luck, but I don’t

yet understand it.  Why me? Why I am here?

I like to think that I’m here for the wounded,

the lost, and the confused.  I serve miners for free

because I understand them.  I understand

the life of being in hell, in heaven, and in grey

but, I don’t understand luck.

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Heaven, hell, and everywhere in between.

I see it all.  I experience it all.  I am all.   You come to me for

protection when you need it most.  Despite this, I

am your worst nightmare.  I kill.   I see sons cry and

beg for their lives.  I see mothers cry

for the lives of their sons.  I am a murderer. 

Everyone who I have ever encountered

has different stories, different backgrounds and

different reasons for working within me.  I see no race,

I see no backgrounds.   All of this mixes to grey. 

I am heaven.

I am hell.

I am a murderer. 

I am grey.

I am the mine.

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Eye Sketching

Eye Sketching
              by Odin Roark


Acolytes of inner actualization know…

Upon an oak tree
Scrawls a name,
Never scribed by knife.


Within a crowded sidewalk
Sketches the seductive smile of an
Out of reach dream.


Atop a mountain peak
The etching of above-the-cloud perception
Swirls its heady reward inward.


Afloat in reflection’s calm waters,
Trusted drawings ripple across
Past, present and future pretense.


How healing this alternate world…


In the mind’s eye, time is given little heed.
The impossible embraces imagination,
Never succumbing to reality’s disappointments.


For one’s inner creations never require tools of actuality,
Trusting instead enigma’s eye pencil wisdom,
Needing but an occasional sharpening now and again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the province of aloneness, the power of mind faces its quintessential test during holiday time.

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Life flies, so quickly away

As I sit and watch from an old window

Where I love to play


So fast, in your dreams you go

In the evening hours, by the old window

What do you want to know?


A child’s cry breaks the silent hours

The beginning of new life, at a new window

Where a new soul grows


Bright lights flash into your quiet dream

From distant stars, through the old window

Where their reflection screams


I sit by my own old heart

And dream it flies, out the old window

Landing safely into its own shadow


Love flies so fast away

On this frozen day, by the old window

Love warms my heart today


A blackbird cries, as it tries to fly

Where I see her try, by the old window

And I feel her cry


Weather beating wings falling open wide

A shivering heart eyes like an old window

In the frozen snow


I know she will have her day

As I watch her fly away thru the old window

Where we love to play


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Carib Midnight

O Creole Dancer, grass body sway to music ~

How graceful in the flitting fire shadows, 

With you, the whole ground plays.


Yer shake-a-shake wobble, 

Your dizzying arm waves,

Drawing ribbons in the flitting fire's display.

Da whole night sky swimming,

Through the rum vapours thick,

Through your flourishing sand sprays.


Up! The sand dances, with each flurried ballet,

Mesmerising the men who drank rum on the bay,

As the sand rains back down,

Your silk hips touch the ground,

With a swoop,

On your hands,

Twisting hard on the sand,

You kick up in the air, your grass skirt slips away...

And around the fire flailing, your legs and arms twirl,

and around you the night spins,

around and more still.


Back through fire's black shadows, pivot up to a stand,

And dance on,

Creole Dancer, 

Through the night, on the sand.


Let the fire burn to charcoal, let the night come to close,

As the men who drank rum stumble off to their homes.


Let your dance turn to stars,

Let your dance be ever-lasting.

May you dance on,

and on,

and on, O Creole Dancer...


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My mind slowly begins to fade, as my imagination takes me away.

My mind slowly begins to fade, as my dreams invade my days.

My mind slowly begins to fade, as I feel my will drain away.

My mind slowly begins to fade, as my heart and soul long for the grave.

My mind slowly fades away...  -2006

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I could have never imagined a love like ours

I could have never imagined the feel

Of losing myself so completely in the passengers seat

Letting you take the steering wheel


I could have never imagined the heartbreak

I could have never imagined the pain

Of losing my breath when I thought of you

Couldn’t bear even saying your name


I could have never imagined talking to you again

I was determined to be self-fulfilled

I settled for half of a sunshine

Half of a heart was all I could yield


But perhaps that’s because we grow up

And our imaginations go dim

We sink to the demise of reality

Instead of ripping it apart at the hem


My imagination brought me solely here

To a world full of all my dreams

Bright with color, majestic sounds

Where dancing abounds,

And the most gorgeous flowers bloom year round


My soul has ceased to frown

When your powerful wave washes over me

I could have never imagined that I’d

Swim, not drown


For now I carry you in my heart

It’s a hell of an imagination, I agree

But you fit there perfectly

In my (imagination’s chosen) untainted memories


This life I love and the peace in my soul

May not always win the war

Reality is a fierce competitor, yet to it I shut the door

I shut my eyes and my own world begins to rise

With it, the brightest sun

My world is what I make it

And my imagination has won.

True Romance


True Romance




I sit by the river

watching the insects fly

observing the dance

of the cottons


over the water

as it slowly falls in 

Once in a while

an eagle flies by

or a humming bird hovers

catching my eye

The stillness of nature

and all of her glory

fills me with


memorable stories

There is romance

in everything

if we just slow down

enough to see

take a deep breath

of fresh outdoor air

you can feel it enter

the cells of your being

Life itself is pure romance

Imagination can help to enhance

For in our minds we make a choice

of how the world looks from our own eyes

We can wallow in all the pain and suffering

or we can choose to see love and romance in everything

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by one of nightlight's comments

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my ode to Imagination

Got a strong imagination?
I’m betting you’re a magician
Using your third eye to dream
When you can use it to the extreme

Magic, it’s a natural thing
And mind power truly amazing
Then you work a lot nearer to
Your absolute, magical, full potential

You imagine your car weighs less
And the miles per gallon increase
Many things are in y our control
Though this sounds unbelievable

The people selling you fuel: More
The know magic; know the score
The water powered car; Indy 55
I want that one to drive

Bought by the oil cartel; not seen again
Cos it doesn't make lots of money
Same for the pharmaceutical industry
Yet another corporation run by Nazi's

Use your imagination to break free
From this belief system; bogus reality
The future is exactly w hat you choose
And when this is realized: they loose

Their grip over you and y our family
All corporations; Cain’s evil money
Cash soon to die anyways
So buy lots of silver for brighter days

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