Imagination's Longevity

Imagination's Longevity

                       by Odin Roark


If no father takes my hand,
I'll make Care my father.
If no mother wipes my tears
I'll embrace Order.


If no friend stands beside me,
I'll make Quiet my friend.
If no enemy presents lessons
I'll welcome Other shadowless light.


If a roof is not for me,
I'll make Audacity my shelter.
If my eyes fail to see,
I'll Listen.
No ears,
I'll Think.
No thought,
I'll Wait.


If no Fortune comes my way,
my Means will make me rich.
If no Love furthers smiling,
I'll court Sleep to imagine.


and tomorrow's tomorrow,

is but a sunrise away.


I'll remain of Hope,
knowing dreams are often

one’s Imagined rewards…

meaning to happen.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In a world that seems to take so much, and often gives little back, there is one thing we all possess and never abandon, willingly.  How restorative our childhood innocence. (Image by Jeanette Wolzik)

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