Her Husband, His Baby Momma

short stories.

It Was 2:17am and the club was still popping. Dominic and his friend had taken a few shots and were waisted.

"So what are you doing after the club bro?" Dominic said to his friend Darrel.

"Who you doing after the club bro?" Darrel said in response.

Dominic laughed and he said "I don't know bro but my dick going in somebody's gut tonight."

The two laughed and went to the dance floor and that's when she showed up.

Erica walked up to Dominic and introduced herself by stealing a dance with him.

"Hey, my name is Erica and your's?"

Dominic laughed showing all 32 teeth; He replied

"I'm Dominic, but everybody calls me D."

Erica looked down and saw the ring on Dominic's finger, but she didn't care. She couldn't help but notice how waisted Dominic and Darrel was and all she could think about was how good both of their dicks would be. So Erica asked Dominic, "do you and your friend want to go somewhere more peaceful and quiet?"

Dominic wasn't going for that so he said,"i'd rather it just be us two."

Erica really didn't give a fuck as long as she was fucking one of them by the end of the night.
Dominic ditched Darrel and left the club and went with Erica to her apartment....

Erica couldn't wait to get inside her house because the whole way home all she cold think about was how good his dick would taste and how wonderful his sex was going to be.

As soon as Dominic walked in the apartment and closed the door behind him, Erica came out of her dress and went down for Dominic's zipper. Erica went long and hard going up and down on Dominic's dick sucking it faster and faster by the second.

After she finished and removed his huge chocolate dick from her mouth he picked her up by her soft caramel colored skin, put her legs around his neck and started licking between her thighs.

Erica screamed uncontrollably and was only seconds away from coming inside of Dominic's mouth until he stopped as soon as she squirted cum out of her beautifully shaved caramel colored pussy.

Dominic put his dick inside Erica and he started stroking her. She was enjoying the drunk sex that Dominic was giving her. in fact, she loved every bit of it.

"Ahhhh yea, fuck me baby. Fuck me good. Stroke me harder daddy." Erica screamed.

Dominic stroked inside of Erica for a good looonnnng hour before he finally came. After he came, Dominic got off of Erica to go and wash off his dick, before he went back home to his wife.. But he only came to find that the rubber had popped........

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