selfless service

Quiet Example


Tis an interesting thing to consider yet

The value of a quiet example set


Like the crystal streams, or the mountain air

Consistent, constant, always there


Blessing every soul who happens by

Never asking who, never asking why


Giving joy just by being who they simply are

Giving light through the night like a brilliant star


Giving hope to the crowd in the dark abyss

Yes, it’s interesting to consider this


For life has afforded me such a gift -

A path interwoven with those who lift


A chance to observe and a chance to learn

What it means to care. What it means to turn


Away from the world and it’s foolish pride

Yes, the thought of this makes me look inside


And give thanks on high that I’m in the debt

Of those who a quiet example set


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Some were hired at the break of day, a price to work the field.

Then others hired each passing hour and given the same deal.


And when the eve was drawing nigh the Master with good will

Looked out and saw some in the streets who yet were waiting still.


So then he went to them and asked, "Why have ye labored not?"

They answered, "We have not been hired though labour we have sought."


And so the Master stretched his hand and offered them the deal,

Which gladly they accepted and they moved into the field.


But when the ones who'd worked all day came forth to claim their pay,

They were offended when the saw all had received the same.


And they began to murmur much, "Does not the Master care"

"That we have labored more than they? This simply isn't fair."


But then Master stood and said, "Good friend I've done no wrong."

"Have not I paid as we agreed? Is not my word yet strong?"


And then he asked the ones who felt their payment was unfair,

"Is thine eye evil because I'm good", and silence filled the air.


For they did not appreciate the good things they'd received –

The value of the wage alone was all that they could see.


They'd missed the point of why they worked. They never gained the yield –

The true joy that comes to the souls who labor in the field.


Ref: Matthew 20: 1-15


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We Fight

"We soldiers stand together, we never stand alone

 we fight and defend our freedom, though we might not come home

 freedom is never free, and this we can prove

 we fight for our country, we fight for all of you.


 We all learn a different MOS, but this I can confess

 when our country calls, we are all put to the test.

 With weapon in hand, we shoot strait and zeroed

 we fight 'till we have won, each soldier their family's hero.


 A father a mother a sister a brother,

 a son or a daughter, we still have each other.

 Banded together lead by leaders and values

 our day to come home is a day we count to.


 No matter in life or death we know we're in your thoughts

 but for now remember are battles, the wars we have faught.

 We fight for freedom, we fight for you

 we are soldiers, and this is what we do." - PV2 Jernigan

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