Hair cut

Hair Cut

Kiss of Honey

I want long hair, long braided hair
Is it really about Pride and Honour?
My hunny, my lover runs her fingers through my hair

The vibrations of the clippers buzz against my scalp
I close my eyes and smile, knowing her mom is correct
I wanted long hair, long braided hair

Hunny adjust the clippers to trim the hair short
I keep my eyes close remembering the times
Where I did have long hair in my life

The hair falls to the floor and my broad shoulders
Hair all over but not on top of the head where it belongs
She asks if I am going to cry

I squeeze her hand and smile, that is all she needs
Now I am clean cut, good looking cook for work
I wanted long hair, braided long hair

Pride and Honour is within the heart
The long hair is a symbol, for now I enjoy the short cut
She asks again if I am going to cry

I smile and squeeze her hand
Shaking my head no, I clean up with a shower
You had a lot of hair, I say I know it is thick

Someday Hunny, when you don't have to work
You may have your long hair and learn how to braid
When I become a known painter? Poet?

Yes, maybe then...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't know about this poem.

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