A Samurai




I stood there, muscles strained and tense
as cold rain ran down my sword like silk
and sent shivers through my spine -
but I steadied my self and watched
as one warrior went forth
hand at his side

grasping the hilt of a blade
his eyes glistening

a calm and quiet intensity.


With dark clouds turning over
and the scent of rain,
came a deep and distant thunder rumbling -
the air was thick and heavy

as our warrior stood his ground

midfield between two armies.


He stood there, resolute
showing naught but pressing confidence,

the kind that one only ever earns in war.

We watched the lines for some challenger -
perhaps they too had their own hero
to face ours in true warrior’s fashion.


And from the battle lines came forth a single man
some warrior monk, with sword and spear,
and cloaked in white religious robes -
wearing plain unpainted wooden armor.
And while I could not see his face,
I knew at once, this man was an honorable foe.


The silence was overwhelming,
as we watched for an eternity

waiting for the moment when two would meet in battle,
to negotiate this matter of honour.


With frightful cry, both warriors charged and met
and sword flashed like lightning

against thrusting spear
and in just one moment’s loss
both warriors paused -
as one fell to the ground
speaking out his words of honour
but wishing he had only...
held on to life...
just a little...



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Piece of CLoth

It is more than a piece of cloth. Tatered and torn it still holds a meaning of far greater importance than most other things in life. Those who only see it as pieces of fabric sown together do not realize the sacrafice and pain it represents. For in truth each stich represents a man who left behind his wife and children when he died fighting for the freedom of those ignorant people who call it a piece of cloth. Each strand of thread signifies a woman who left her friends and family so those clueless people have the right to say "It is just a piece of fabric it has no value." Those people who can not see past the material value are not blessed with the privelage of seeing what it really stands for. For this "Piece of cloth" represents the lives sacrificed so others can enjoy their lives. It signifies a commitment to unselfishly protect the freedoms of others without discrimination. While its material value is cheap and not worth respecting, what it stands for is priceless. This piece of cloth is more than a piece of cloth, it is symbol of our great country where men and women fight for the freedom of people who call it "just a piece of cloth"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am proud to be an american and i respect the men and women who fight for our country i hope yall do too.

Blood and Glory of the Western Gods


Blood and honor they cried
the charge of the death march
on the battlefield where they died

For love of god and country and men
chosen by the few the powerful
chosen are the children

To be born to be pure of race
to cleanse the filthy whore
let there be not a trace

Pure and strong we are the best
the shadow of the strong arm grows
may the weak will die under the foot of the west.

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I take great
in my approach

Reduce my honor
I become a meer
vapor in life

My honor when
must endure
lifes storms.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We all must live with ourselves...My honor when tested, must endure life's storms.

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