The Reason


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It's such a magical time,
When Christmas comes each year.
Colorful lights, and pretty trees,
Carols full of good tidings and cheer.


People, they hustle all about,
To get their shopping complete.
The air is filled with yummy scents,
Of every fresh-baked Holiday treat.


Decorations are hung, everywhere,
So delightful to the beholder.
Snowfalls come, and bring along,
Days that turn much colder.


Yes, its such a fun-filled time,
A time for making merry and bright.
A time for wide-eyed, precious children,
To bask in their innocent delight.


But too many people never stop,
'Till they are plumb worn out-
To remember the most important thing,
That Christmas is all about.


See, its not about the presents,
Or the decking of every hall.
Its the simple fact that Jesus Christ,
Was born and died for us all!





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