The Night Before Christmas

Just a thought!

The Night Before Christmas

Twas the Night before Christmas just beside the garage

was our old two tone hot rod called, "It's Just A Mirage"

The snow was glistening on the fenders as it fell

and the grill wavered red with a bow and a bell

As the people drove by and rounded the loop

they're attention was drawn to the brite Hillborn scoop

Though the houses were lit in our Christmasy circle

all the eyes opened wide when they saw two tone purple

Mag wheels twinkled brite in a starry array

as the body chrome danced off the chaser display

A knock came on the door from a jolly old gent

he said, "The reindeer took sick and my runners got bent"

Santa had a dilemma and he couldn't be late

so i threw him the keys to the Hemi V8

In a hotrod sleigh he was off in a poof

with a brite red Santa hat on top of the roof

With the blower thumpin and the gears runnin tight

Santa laid rubber into the night

If on Christmas Eve Night there’s a stir in the garage

Take a peek out the window

“It’s Just A Mirage”

by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Annual Christmas poem

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