Christmas Again!

Just a thought!

Christmas Again!

Where does he come from this Jolly Old Saint
With his long white beard and sleigh of red paint

And what of these deer that supposedly fly
And carry mountains of toys thru a wintery sky

How do they soar, this Blitzen and Thumper
Only ones I’ve seen, are on a wall or a bumper

And what of these Elves that make all those toys
I bet they’re all midgets dressed like gay boys

Well, I’ll put up the tree and pretend for the kid
And wrap all the crap from the shopping we did

After all this is done, I might get some nookie
Or a consolation prize…some milk and a cookie

When morning comes, I’ll be awaken from sleep
By getting hit in the face with a new plastic Jeep

I’ll go downstairs and clean up all the trash
Cook all the food for this “Holiday” bash

Relations will come, eat food and drink beer
Great thing about  Christmas…It’s just one a year!

The Grinch

by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Christmas poem two
For those feeling the holiday humbug.

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