A Christmas To Remeber


A Christmas carole in the night beneath the fallin flakes of white. All across the world people will know the birth of our lord comes with the snow. Christmas is a time of love and all the things we can be sure of. And for this one day of the year put aside your differences and feel the cheer and know that Christmas time is finally here. Put up the lights and find a tree sit and talk with family remeber loved ones that have passed like grand parents aunts moms and dads. So this Christmas try to smile and put your faith in love for a while

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maybe next christmas there will be no war.

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A box of candy and a dozen roses all in red,

A cute teddy bear perched on the bed.

A beautiful card filled with words of love,

Signed and sealed with love by the man I dream of.

A candlelight dinner prepared for two,

Dancing so slowly being held close to you.

Enveloped in romance as soft music plays,

I just wish every day could be Valentine's Day!

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What shall I give you this Valentine's Day?

A box full of sunbeams to lighten your way?

A dozen red roses to brighten your room,

     To lift up your spirits with their fragrant perfume?

What shall I give you to show you I care?

A card with loving thoughts? A lock of my hair?

A crown of the morning, all shining with dew?

A chain of white daisies, to show you that I'm true?

I'll go down my list, but right from the start,

My most precious gift is the gift of my heart.

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I'm sending you three roses

On this Valentine's Day

To say you're my only love

And I'm with you to stay.

One rose is for the loving

That comes from my heart;

I knew you were very special

Right from the start.

The second rose stands for

How lucky I feel

That I'm sharing with you

A love so ideal.

The third rose is even more special

And worthy of very few,

For its perfection

Is exactly like you.

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"Twas the Night After New Year's"

by Jeph Johnson


'Twas the night after New Year's,
When all through the street
Not a restaurant was open
And nothing to eat
I had no hangover,
Like the rest of world
New Year's Eve my only
Vice was a girl
I'd finished my drinking
O'er Christmas it seemed
See Twilla was finally
Back in my dreams
And this evening I found
Myself at her place
In her arms loving her
At a much slower pace
But even excitement
Must end in awhile
So I kissed her and reminded
Her what her smile
Meant to me as I finally
Walked out her door
Heading out so I could
Go home and dream more  
My stocking cap worn
On my head as I walked
In hopes that it wouldn't
Be too many blocks
I didn't realize
How hungry I was
As I walked down Burnside
To catch a bus.
From her apartment,
Towards Natures Northwest
I hoped that this wouldn't
Have to be such a quest
Twilla was nestled
All snug in her bed,
While visions of "frineds"
Danced in her head;
In warm pajamas,
(While outside I shook),
She settled down quaintly
To read a good book
When down the street
There arose such a clatter,
I looked to my right
To see what was the matter.
I spied in the window
And lights they did flash,
Chopsticks Karaoke,
So I looked for some cash
I soon checked my pockets
And found I'd enough
Money to go in
And finally get stuffed
When what to my wandering
Eyes should appear?
But a big Tri-Met bus,
Number 19 on it's rear!
I had to think fast,
I had to be quick
Chinese or the frozen
Food in my fridge?
More rapid than eagles
The bus it did fly
I whistled, and shouted,
But he went right by
I then so decided,
My mind was my mood
The karaoke bar
Was where I'd eat food
Unlike in Cheers,
No one knew my name
So I dropped a quarter or two
In a video game
And sat at the bar
Awaiting the bartender
"What'llya have?" She screamed,
In a voice not too tender
Deciding this wasn't
As good of a venue
As the Galaxy bar,
I looked at the menu
Pork, shrimp or beef rice
Fried with bean curd
Chicken mixed with eggs,
Or any other kind of bird
The choices were really
Not too diverse
So I ordered some rice
And did not converse
After I'd eaten,
I went back outside
And looked for a bus
To give me a ride
When passed the twenty,
I started to pray
But the nineteen, my bus,
Was still miles away
So I walked and I walked
And walked some more
And found myself at
The Galaxy's front door!
Shannon at the bar,
Tending the brew
I strolled in to chat,
Sing a song or two
Patrick the DJ
Was taking requests
Yet I wasn't assured
Of getting my rest
So I stayed a tad longer
Then made my way
To the 12:30 bus
That was seldom late
But this night due to
The holiday times
It arrived at
Nearly 12:45!
So when I got home
I had to be content
With only her voice
On my recorder that went:
"You must have decided
To stop at the bar
You raging alcoholic!!"
I say: "Well, without a car!"

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for Twilla, 2002

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Awakening to 2002

A new year begins...

Ocean to ocean...

Some celebrate with

family and friends.

Some mourn those that

are or were lost.

Some are not able to comprehend.

Resolutions  made on this day,

Go unnoticed by month's end.

Wherever you reside.

Whatever task you perform.

No matter your station in life...

Never loose the smile on your face.

Love in your heart.

Trust in your spirit, that...

guides you with peace and

the freedom to choose your path

with more than just your mind.

Live, Love and be FREE


        Lead us all to 2003.

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01/01/02, submitted also to Arts and Poetry.
A little prayer for future health and happiness.

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NEW YEAR� 2002

A new year is here

and I sit and ponder,

of all that has happened

then and now.

What will the days ahead

be like?

Well, I figured, remembering

all who where my friends

and now they are on their own,

I stop and think of all my friends

who are still with me today.

Now, a new year is hear

and the time to add a

friend or two...

There is one thing

I want to wish...

Each and all of you.

I wish you peace, love and security

As you travel your new path.

I wish you love and happiness

and a friendship that will last.

Bless you all and keep you all safe.

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copied from holiday pase/ 01/01/02

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What does Christmas mean to me?

Oh! Dear Santa, can't you see?

This is the birth of a special Child,

not the time to run crazy and wild.

Homes all decorated wherever you go,

with trees, lights, and sometimes snow.

Christmas music fills the air.

Cheers and greetings for all to hear.

Candles glow through the window panes.

Gestures of friendship enhanced by the flames.

What does Christmas mean to me?

Oh! Dear Santa, can't you see?

Some folks live out on the street.

Others' homes are warm and sweet.

Some folks are easily led astray,

by evil and war that keeps them away.

Wishes and prayers are always good.

Answers for them, I wish I could.

This is a time for a long, long journey.

A woman, a man, a donkey, that wasn't many.

What does Christmas mean to me?

Oh! Dear Santa can't you see?

Strife, turmoil, and no room at the inn,

how does a little one's life begin?

In swaddling clothes, He lays in a manger

welcoming all, not one a stranger.

Gifts from the rich, gifts from the poor

the stable with a thatched roof had no door.

All was welcome to come and enter,

To witness the  Christ Child placed in the center.

Oh! Dear Santa can't you see?

This is what Christmas means to me.

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copied from holiday page 01/01/02

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To you, oh Lord, please hear me pray.

These are my wishes for this Christmas Holiday.

May we all be safe from hurt or harm.

May we be giving without alarm.

Protect the homeless, children and more.

Protect all those fighting a war.

May food be abundant for all to eat.

May no one go hungry or cold on the street.

May there be no sharing gifts out of greed.

Instead, may we share with those in need.

My prayer I have spoken for you to hear.

Let all who read these words of prayer,

Pass on Peace and Love for all to share.

When I see the brightest star shining in the sky,

I know God and Santa have sent their reply.

"Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward men."

(Woman and children, all things great and small.)


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Carried over from the Christmas site.

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