A Closet Of Memories

From the back of my closet,  on a shelf up above,

comes a once a year ritual’s labor of love,

‘tis here we keep mem’ries, to open each year,

recollections and treasures, we’ll always revere.

‘Midst boxes of tinsel, balls, ribbons and bows,

is a small clothespin reindeer with red button nose,

and a cotton filled star, made of paper and twine,

decorations hand crafted, a child’s design.

Two tiny red stockings, from Christmases past,

have fore’er graced the tree, from our first to the last,

names penned in bold letters now faded and bare,

still grace the tree’s limbs, tho’ a tad worse for wear.

Red garlands of paper, a tot’s home-made chain,

a fragile remembrance, ‘twill always remain.

A gift ‘midst the boughs, of each Christmases tree,

placed ‘tween the green branches,  a fond memory.

That miniature banjo... remembering Pop,

figurines for the grandchildren, placed near the top,

two brass children kissing, our first names engraved,

hand painted adornments, remembrances saved.

Each year far more precious, than each year before,

these cherished mementos, fond keepsakes we store,

placed gently in boxes, repackaged with love,

in the back of my closet, on a shelf up above.

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Family Christmas

Christmas dinner is here at last

Friends and family to join the repast,

We say grace to the one above

Giving thanks for all this love.

Differences aside we are family one

Brothers, sisters, aunts, and uns.

Celebrating this holiday feast

Are the Matriarch to the least.

Looking round the table at those gathered here

I remember a time with only my wife so dear.

Our holiday fair was a quarter pound of burger

In a casserole dish

And what we have here today,

Was then our holiday wish.

With all our friends to make our day

Let me take this time to say

Thank you one and all for being here,

May God bless and be of good cheer.

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the holidays.

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christmas cheer

To all my friends at postpoems .com I just wanted to tell you that I am back and I've missed you all very much so have a merry christmas and i will put some new poems on soon. love tommy

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Pockets full of wish

Itching to buy annual bliss

Yet wish begets wish

written 12/18/2002

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2002 Poetry

the lantern by the window

hangs in slash coldness

it bears no meaning at all

the Christmas tree  highlights

the event that would soon

exaggerate stings in many hearts

whilst I, on the other bank of this

absolute madness and solitude

wails with the draftiness

so this is my Christmas

and not even a barrel of gold

can ward off my heartache

written 12/12/2002

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When all the Christmas lights

Are lighting right outside.

Christmas trees forever sparkles

Right from you to me and from the depths, of your soul.

So much for me,so much I want to say

In a twinkling of an eye, there you

Again claiming all my mind and heart.

And to remind me once more,how special to me,You are!

All around me Christmas cheer fills the air,

People carry candles,with glowing flames

Topping with all our devoted, Love,

So much for all to see, but only with our hearts to feel!!

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ThaNksGiving TiMe Is HeRe OnCe aGaIn

YummY FeAst aNd FAmIliEs To MeEt! I sEe You gRiN!

WoNdeRful DaY to TakE all YouR cArEs Away

WiTh HoPeS anD LoVe YoU'll TrUlY sHaRe ToDaY

TiMe tO rEmiNd yOu tHaT fAmiLy anD FriEndS

AlWayS tHey'Re thEre iN yOuR hEarT tO MeNd

DrOpPing AgAiN On YoU iTs This BleSsED dAy

FoR evEryThinG RemEmBer NoW To ThaNk GoD anD sAy

A LitTle PrAyEr,wIth YoUr HeArT, HiS lOvE Is In DisPlAy!

WiShInG YoU All a MoSt WoNdErFuL ThAnKsGiVinG

FuLL oF HoPeS AnD bEaUtIfUL DrEaMs!

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Christmas is much fun, is a special time

To meet family and also  friends,

Glad you can be with me now here

The best of  my love I send it all to you!

The Christmas Tree looks so cheery and great

Decorations glow happily, all around

Lights that fill whole rooms, with such warmth

Dreams and hopes to go all around.

Boxes and packages done with much love,

Waiting  all to be open by loving hands,  

I wish you all the best Merry Christmas ever

And each day of the New Year too!


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Extending to you all my wishes

Today I wish you all the best

Lots of love and fun may you have

With those around you love and care.

Have a very Happy Holidays!

Filled of peaceful joy and cheer

Bring your heart the light that sparkles

And endures all the days.

Christmas times shall be always

An special ocassion to celebrate

A place so rich and warm

To gather in life what you find so dear.

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