They're all coming out,it's Halloween Night!

And they love to scare you and give you a FRIGHT!

The goblins,and witches,vampires,ghosts and evil sprites,

They all have a thing in mind,and it's to scare to death,before its DAYLIGHT!

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see them coming and towards me walking

And it's Halloween Night!

They're so horrible, I just want to run,

They look so creepy and white, they're out of SIGHT!

They wobble, they moan,growl and also they groan,

And I know very well, it's my neck they want it to bite

And turn me into one of them,a rotten corpse, another evil clone

So I run for my life with everything I have, for this's Halloween Night!

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Night has fallen so fast, filled with a dark vision!

Thing flying around, are causing only COLLISION!!!

Fear is wrapping me tight! I am shivering and I am scare!

As I see those horrible EYES,that to me, they so evil glare!

My skin is breaking now, into a very cold sweat,

My heart is racing fast, I hear it skipping one or two beat.

Ghoulish creatures so smelly and so fowl, are coming right now

And they squeal, and groan and all around me they started to scream and shout!!!

Oh no! I see dark shadows moving, they're blood-sucking vampires,I've no doubt,

And now they're coming for me, and then I totally freaked-out!

I start to run, but everywhere is creepy and dark, just the moonlight above

I am going to die, if I don't really do something or move.

Face to face, now I am meeting my DOOM!!

As grinning and horrible witches cackled and pass me flying their brooom!!

And then I remember it's Halloween Night!!!

And I am so scared I wish I had a Flashlight!!

But instead I'm here all alone at the strike of midnight

Being chased down by all kind of spooks and vampires,under the Moonlight!!

There isn't any place for me now to hide

And they're so close, right at my side.

And I see again, those horrible EYES,glaring so bright!

And I remember that anything can happen in HALLOWEEN NIGHT!!!

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T'was the night of Thanksgiving,and I couldn't just fall asleep

I tried everything I knew,even trying to count all the sheep

But nothing happened and I was getting more mad at myself

The leftovers were still on my mind and my stomach went bleat.

I jumped over my bed and I raced to the door with all of my might

And right to the kitchen where some food was still on sight

My heart was beating so fast,when I saw all the turkey leftover

The white and dark meat just waiting there, to my delight!

There was cranberry sauce,apple pie and that wonderful sweet pumpkin pie!!

My heart aglowed and  my mouth watered in front of all this sight

For there I just saw some chocolate pudding sitting on a tray

As I gobbled and gobbled, till I thought I couldn't see another day!!!

I felt myself swelling up the size of the HOUSE!

Till I heard all this terrible noise,and I've just burst it my BLOUSE!

As I went off straight to the ceiling like a speeding BALLOON!

And I felt so BIG and So-o-o- SICCCCKKKKK!!

As I went flying right past the MOON!!

I still managed to YEEELLL to everyone in town,

Happy Thanksgiving to all!and PASS ME all the chocolate PUDDING!PLEEEEASE!!!

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Ode To New Years Eve (villanelle)

Regretfully we watch the year decline

Uncertain of a future yet untold

While greeting New Year singing Auld Lang Syne

Admittedly we can’t fool Father Time

Those mocking mirror images grow old        

As regretfully we watch the year decline

Of yesterdays demise we stand resigned

Assuredly tomorrow shall unfold

While greeting New Year singing Auld Lang Syne

Delightful memories etched within our mind

In time-worn stories frequently retold

As regretfully we watch the year decline

A toast to you my friends, with sparkling wine

We’ll celebrate at midnight uncontrolled

While greeting New Year singing Auld Lang Syne

Undoubtedly we’ll stand with arms entwined

The merriment a party to behold

As regretfully we watch the year decline

While greeting New Year singing Auld Lang Syne

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Christmas Eve, Time to Deceive


It's the time of year again

One day of to share again

The only time we care again

To think of someone else

Maybe there's somethin' wrong

Kindness isn't real

Why is it knocking at your door?

When from it you will steal

My party isn't coming

My sisters gotten sick

I guess now I can’t have fun

Not like I ever did

I don’t want to see

The presents

Underneath the Christmas tree

But maybe some new makeup

And diet pills for me

Then maybe I'll be happy

If I'm pretty too

I doubt that that can happen

There’s nothing we can do

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A mother's love is the greatest of all

Except for our Master's love

You're always close in thoughts

But anyway somehow you're always there

Your warm and caring are the traits

That I am the  proudest of

I want to say so many things to you

But I don't know how to start

I want to capture and describe

To you all the feeling of my heart

My love for you is in me so great

Something that I never will outgrow

For you are always in my heart

Thoughts and my prayers

I love you mom so much today and always

Please don't ever forget me mom

Dorian Petersen Potter

AKA LadyDP2000


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Cold Summer

ITs ninty degrees

with no breeze

but in my head

its another cold summer

i cannot sweat sweat

and i see no sunshine

i just look up

and see the devil high

in a cradle

Cold summer

Cold Summer

where has summer gone

where has summer gone

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Thoughts on St. Patrick’s Day

Thoughts on St. Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2000

I lift my head and gaze back on this day

Through mists of time beyond the ken of most

To capture Kith and Kin forgotten

And savor Irish heritage again

The shadow clears – real but mythical

St. Patrick arises -- he brings a faith

Embraced by most heartily -- druids remain

A man identified with Eire complete

Never mind the nonsense about the snakes

He planted fortresses of learning

The western world owes a debt to him

For antiquities that birthed renewal

A lonely Isle but lovely swathed in green

Peopled by Iberian and Celt

Raided by Viking seemingly at will

Until the Danes reigned hard and cold in Dublin

Mists roll on as regional kings arise

One bent on destroying the other

‘Til there came one with eyes to see

And strong right arm to make it be

Brian Boru, Ard Ri, High King

He fought Dane and Celt alike to bring

A unity to Ireland if had but held

A different tale would be told, perhaps

Alas, history declares he failed, not he

But those who followed who loved old ways

And factioned Ireland, continued to bleed

Too weak to win, too strong in mind to cease

Continued war waged within so strong

Those outside, came who needed little strength

To domineer this war torn anemic people

Britain established their fiefdom to the north

At last, an enemy to unite

A people, rife with hate to spare

War undeclared behind the scenes has reigned

From then to now, lulls few and sparse

A famine decimated and sent her sons

Over an ocean where they were received

With scorn, indentured servants who drank

Hard and fought hard, they dug the Erie canal

Signs up, to make it clear, “No Irish Here”

Unable to identify by skin

The brogue became the bane of Mics

Scorned by those who forgot their own sails

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