Christmas sweet

On that night, that holy night,

Was born a face that shone so bright,

And when He smiled the stars would wink,

And when He laughed your heart did sink.

His eyes were deep and full of love,

He knew His place was up above,

And when He spoke, His words were true,

He spread His love as he grew.

His little hands, His little voice,

Made the angels praise and rejoice,

You know that God was mighty proud,

He told the people, He brought a crowd.

This little King, this baby boy,

Brought us salvation and lots of joy,

The best gift that we were given,

Our only hope, and way to Heaven.

The perfect gift, On this night,

In the dark world He is our light,

His little hands, His little feet,

Our precious gift, our Christmas sweet.

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Christmas Time

Merry Christmas to you, my dear!

The happiest day is finally here.

The time when good friends are near,

It only happens once in a year.

Children singing Christmas carols

While others are waiting for Santa Claus;

Leave your worries and anxiety

Under the tall Christmas tree.

When the clock hits midnight

Let's all sing "Oh Holy Night".

Then set the table for sumptuous meal

And open the gifts with great thrill.

Christmas is a day to celebrate;

A time to forget anger and hate.

Because it's the day when Christ was born

So let's all rejoice and don't be forlorn.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My inspiration in writing this poem is the common scene that you can see during the Yuletide season.

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independence day

no fire works on the 4th of july

only black clouds in the sky

you walked out on me

you walked over me

memories i bid fare well

from the corner of your shell

youll soon regret

and ill forget

Author's Notes/Comments: 

.... ? idont een  rember what that was about

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My Valentine

Love of my Life

Will you be my Valentine?   ___ Yes  ___ No (Select One)

So many cards start this way,

from children on Valentine's day.

So sad our childlike qualities lost,

being adults at what cost.

Would it not be great to turn back the clock

to our childhood to unlock

Those special qualities that did not judge,

and our happiest memories were in vanilla and fudge.

Playing house was all in fun,

Responsibilities, we had none,

Except to make our bed and clean our room,

And our babies came from the store and not the womb.

Hide and seek were a past time,

Now families drift apart and are hard to find.

How I miss those happier times

When you could be my Valentine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Happy Valentines Day to all.

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Ode To A New Year's Resolution

I am firmly resolute about my New Year’s resolution,

quite intent, with tried and true sincerity,

and determined not to falter in my sure determination,

nor to turn success to sheer catastrophe.

In selecting from the multitude of infinite selections

I’m hard pressed to find a fault distressing me,

but I’m quite intent on fashioning a list of good intentions,

ones I’ll keep, within some reasonable degree.

For example, as an addict to caffeine’s intense addiction,

to release it‘s grip might prove sheer agony,

so I’ll not consider coffee in my Yule’s consideration,

seeking something with more feasibility.

Many people feel possessed by liquor’s powerful possession,

even I myself might tip a drink or three,

but the beneficial content might outweigh the odd contention,

that the hankering’s an abnormality.

As an epicure I highly rate the tasteful epicurean,

a connoisseur with suave propensity,

and compare my jelly donuts, making elegant comparison,

‘tis just a normal craving..... honestly.

Now I feel compelled to terminate a nicotine compulsion,

but ’twas done way back in nineteen eighty-three,

so I’m much inclined to start again, then shed the inclination

having something to relinquish....gratefully.

I’m still most resolute about my New Year’s resolution,

quite intent with tried and true sincerity,

and determined not to waver in my sure determination,

to prevent an “auld lang syne” catastrophe.

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Of Christmases Past

I will always remember our Christmases past,

quite vivid and clear as tho’ each just the last,

recalling the happiness, joys and delight,

reliving the mem’ries from each Christmas night.

Two youngsters just married, a family’s debut,

alone that first Christmas, a life to pursue,

beginning a future, their wings poised to spread,

with a single direction to soar, straight ahead.

As time seemed to fly the young newlyweds thrived,

for two became three when a child arrived,

and Christmases future changed yet evermore,

as the family still grew, from just three into four.

The years seem a whirlwind for tots turned to teens,

when cute baggy britches emerged as torn jeans,

and teens came of age, striking out on their own,

with the circle complete as they cast their first stone.

It ends where it started, tho’ youngsters grew old,

when four became two in the years tinted gold,

but mem’ries of Christmas, fond images past,

will remain evermore, as tho’ each just the last.

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Christmas Prayer 2002

As we are gathered here today,

It is to you dear lord that we pray.

We are celebrating and are of good cheer,

And give thanks for our successes this year.

For all those gathered at this repast,

We pray your love until the end will last.

We are assembled here as one

To honor the birth of your son.

May you protect us through our holiday cheer,

That we all return in the coming year.

Let your peace descend on the world

And if it isn’t to much trouble get little Joe a girl.

Let our company be strong with work for all,

Living up to our “Next Level” call.

Oh blessed Lord who reigns above,

Let us not forget, this holiday is about love.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Happy Holidays to one and all.

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Christmas Card 2002

Blessed was the day our savior was born,

And death's shroud was forever torn.

From the darkness he brought light

Taking away our sins, making wrongs right.

This Christmas day is named for him,

All goodness flows from Christ's stem.

We welcome his love for family and friends,

Keeping his love in our hearts until the end.

May his blessings be on you and yours this holiday

And he keeps you safe along your way.

In his rightousness may you steer,

So we see you back next year.

Peace and grace to you and yours

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another Christmas Card for us all.

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Dear Santa is here again

Bringing lots of gifts and cheers!

And spreading for us all

Tons of  love and joy!

I am keeping my eyes

Very well on you

Everyday and all year


I'll tell Santa right away

If you're been good or bad

So you better be your best

Or I'll tell Santa Claus on You!

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