Thoughts of Halloween: 10/30/2002


Going into the woods on a nature hike,

A chance to peacefully enjoy my birthday;

Only to find more insanity and the like

Embedded in a mystery that blew me away...

Strange forces making purple mushrooms bloom,

Enigmatic voices crying out to be heard,

Bones on the ground, warning of doom and gloom,

Evil spirits inciting fear without a word.

Cryptic messages inscribed on fallen trees,

Evidence of a party no one was invited to,

A gateway to hell that no one really sees;

It all points to a room with a fiery view.

I emerge from the woods, wrought with fright,

With an evil fiend chasing me away,

Leaving me with many questions this night,

Yet leaving me with nothing left to say.

Did it really happen, instilling me with fear,

Or was it all from my overactive imagination?

Perhaps, as we all do at this time of year,

My thoughts turned briefly to evil indignation,

Of ghosts and ghouls, of woods in the dark,

To serve as nothing but a quick diversion

From the realistic thoughts of today in the park

Of criminal intent and nuclear perversion

Among many people in the Middle East these days,

Of corporate malfeasance among the rich on the inside,

Of snipers showing the young their killing ways.

Now would be a good time to hide

From the world as it caves in on itself;

It's coming down like fall leaves on the green,

So put some of your money back on the shelf,

Because...BOO!!!...It's Halloween.

Patrick Hopkins

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the third in the "Thoughts of Today" series.

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Beneath the Shadows

closet boxes 2002

She is the darkness

that hides beneath the shadows of the light

she is the victim

of all who said that she was too uptight

she is the giver

of all that has been taken and recieved

she is the knife

that caused you all so blatently to bleed.

She is the theif

of all the things you thought you'd hidden well

she is the pain

in all the things that you consider hell

she is the lie

that's dripping from the crevice of your tougne

she is the end

where you will soon become the lonely one.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Happy Halloween all:)

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Trick or Treat

2002 Poetry

Trick or Treat,

kids on the street.

Be careful driving,

want them surviving.

Trick or Treat,

kids on their feet.

Running through yards,

without any guards.

Trick or Treat,

kids crossing the street.

Not watching where going,

you should be knowing.

Trick or Treat,

kids looking to eat.

Candy they’ve got,

you know it’s a lot.

Trick or Treat,

kids looking neat.

Started out wired,

now they are tired.

Trick or Treat,

evenings complete.

Done with their roam,

all going home.

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We thank you God for our plentiful bounty

For all those in life we love and share

For all the goodness we fare so well

For His loving presence that's always there!

We offer the best of ourselves on this day

Our love and blessing mixed with praises and a pray

In every way and shape from the heart to display

As we sit down lavishly to eat together on this day.

Table filled  to the very top

With turkey puddings and goodies galore

Enjoy now a hot and fresh cup of cofee

And a piece of the sweetest pumpkin pie!

Let's thank God for all our wondrous bounty

Not just today but let's do it everyday

Let's thank Him with a prayer and praises endlesly

For all the love and the life that we have.

Have the most Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

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Halloween is coming soon!

Halloween is drawing so very near

Witches from everywhere fly to the moon

Spookies faces in this night they all wear.

Mist from every cementery start to rise

Ghosts,ghoulies and goblins slowly creep

With your head you'll pay the price

If you stay out late from your sleep.

The sky of sudden turns around you all inky-black

And a full-moon rises and sparks in the dark

You're in trouble and filled of so much fear

You better run home very fast before is too late!

Have the most Creepiest and Scaaariest Halloween Night!

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What shall I do now?

This is Halloween Night!

Time my children to gather,and have a bite

And in my oldest broom to take a flight!

First task for me is to mix my brew

With green, black and oranges hue

I want it to the consistence of firm glue

To do all sort of things I have no clue.

I wanna scare you silly with the most frightful Boo!

Tasty as tender morsels, is my magical brew

I made it with bats' wings and spiders'blue

Then I added it my richest slime to chew.

It's all I say in this magical stew

Here to give me all the power I'm due

I know I sound like a kind of shrew

But this potion makes me like NEW!

What shall I do now?

This is Halloween Night!

I'm ready now to say adieu to you

And fly in my broom to give you a friiiight!

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I really love Thanksgiving Day

It's my favorite time of the year

I don't care if I gain fifty more pounds

To gobble on turkey is all that I care.

Who cares, if my pants get a little more tight

I just want to swallow a whole pumpkin pie

Even if I get sick and burst all blue or white

And every scale in town reads me for three!

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Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,

Everything was so noisy, it sounded more like a warehouse!

Everybody was up talking and walking around, arouse

Everything moved, even my computer mouse.

And there I was standing half-asleep, feeling really burned-out

So much going on right under my nose, I almost freaked out!

Everybody was partying,eating tortillas chips and dancing all day

Some of them were even doing flip-flops, and on their toes dancing ballet

And then I got so mad,so much clatter, I just wanted them all out my house,

Each and every one of them, including my very weird and very silly spouse.

The music was awful,no Christmas Carols, and that wasn't Strauss

And I asked myself again and again, why did I marry this louse!

All of sudden I heard the most terrible noise, I came from my dollhouse,

I peered inside and there sleeping I saw the biggest and ugliest mouse!

This time so scared I ran all the way to the green-house,

And all the way my mind was telling me "Leave this mad-house"!

I guess I just lost it and started to scream and to shout!

My mind just went Blimp! I nearly had a total Blackout!!

Everybody then got so mad and all started to pout,

'Cause I just told them, else to be quiet or just to get OUT!!

At last everybody went in to sleep in their own room,

I was just falling happily asleep, when I heard the most terrible BOOOOM!!

The house has just collapsed, with all their SNOOORE!!!

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The witches are brewing I know something

And from all over the world, now they're coming,

And they're as happy as they can be

This's their favorite night, and they can do anything.

They're brewing for you, double, double trouble,

With all kind of potions,bat wings and lizards and all kind of troubles they bring

As they're wishing for only, only double disaster

And they're mixing their brew and sing to their, Darkmaster!

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