Oh, Thanksgiving

The turkey is in the oven.

The stuffing is on the stove.

Got relatives by the dozen,

God! they are coming in droves.

We gather around the table

Give thanks for what we are about to receive,

As we all watch the cable

Only to see the Cowboys score three.

Everyone groans and then digs in.

Before you know it the turkey is picked clean,

I wonder if they really are my kin,

As I only get a wing.

The food is gone

And so are they.

I look at mom,


"Now that was a Thanksgiving Day"

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Just for fun.

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The Snow Was Here, The Snow Was There

You Could See It Almost Everywhere

The Mistletoe Above The Door

The Sweet Smell Of Christmas Allure

The Tree Was Up, The Chestnuts Roasting

The Eggnog That They Use For Toasting

Overwhelming Sense Of Happy Cheer

Ringing In A Happy New Year

A Time To Love, A Time To Share

To Have Some Fun, Let Down Your Hair

It Makes Us Realize We Are Lucky

To Be With Family, Friends, And Play Hockey

Tell Our Children All Our Stories

Share With One And All Our Glories

And Memories Of Christmas Past

That We Can Cherish, And Make Last

The Happy Children So Excited

The Thought Of Santa Makes Them Delighted

The Gifts We Get, In Turn Receive

And When It's Over, It Never Leaves

Christmas Comes But Once A Year

But The Love We Share, Is Always Here

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For The Kids

Thanksgiving a special time where we all gather around the table and thank god for the food we eat,Turkey the bird that tries to escape because he knows he is going to be our dinner,Stuffing bread crums and gravy served as our treat,Cranberries the red slices that we always forget to put on the table,Sweet Potatoes there are always so much left why can't we just take a rest, Mom Dad Brother Sister Uncle Aut Nephews all sit around at the table ready to feast, After where all done we run to find somewhere to relax as dad brother and cousins play football in the 30 degree weather brrr i get cold just looking outside but we all know why,Cuz i am that Lil boy to young to play so i sit in my room writing poetry each day..soon to be 20 years old and still writing ..Happy ThanksGiving Everyone

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Halloween Eve

On this eerie and dark

Unfortunate eve

The haunted at heart

Refuse to leave

Moaning with agony

They uproot their graves

And hunt out the children

In army like waves

Warriors of death

And creatures of night

They thrive in the shadows

And despise the light

With flesh in their teeth

And blood on their lips

They strangle and choke you

With cold fingertips

It's a night for the Devil

And all that's unseen

Keep guard for your soul

On this Halloween.

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The Spirit


One dark October night,

when the moon was full.

There in an old house,

the spirit felt the lunar pull.

This was finally his chance,

after a hundred year wait.

To finally be set free,

from his imprisoned fate.

He entered one of the bedrooms,

invading a young man's dream.

The man shivered and shook in his sleep,

then awoke with a blood curdling scream!

There at the foot of his bed,

he saw a ghostly form.

The room had grown icy cold,

when only earlier, it was warm.

The spirit floated closer,

the man could see into its eyes.

Although the man was frightened,

his fears, he tried to minimize.

In a shaky voice he said aloud,

"Just what do you want from me?

I know not why you've come.

Please just let me be."

The spirit motioned him to follow,

as he led him down the hall.

Stopping about midway,

pointing at the wall.

Though never moving his mouth,

he spoke to the man and said,

In here is where they put my body,

when they thought that I was dead."

The spirits eyes were full of pain,

begging for his release.

He told the man he had to free him,

so he could finally be at peace.

The man was apprehensive,

his mind was full of fright.

As he proceeded to open a hole in the wall,

he prepared for the ghastly sight.

There in a little room,

the man never knew was there,

Were the remains of a person,

whose bones were lying bare.

The spirit moved into the room,

and there he moaned and cried.

"For a hundred years, this was my resting place,

since that night that I had died!

Now that you have set me free,

I can finally leave from here."

Then the spirit slowly faded away,

and the man felt no more fear.

In the morning, when he awoke,

the man recalled a frightening nightmare.

As he walked down the hallway,

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Family & Memories

Up and down the street,

witches and goblins are on the scene.

Normally, I'd be frightened,

but today is Halloween.

There's a knocking at my door,

a monster wants some treats.

His green hand reaches out,

as he yells, "Trick or Treat!"

Pumpkins are out on porches,

their faces all aglow.

Running through the neighborhood,

children put on their yearly show.

Creatures of every shape and size,

a pirate, a princess, a bride.

And underneath various masks,

are the faces they try to hide.

After awhile their tired legs,

lead them all on home.

To go through their bags of candy they got,

from all the blocks that they did roam.

They fall asleep with happy thoughts,

bellies full of chocolates and creams.

With smiles on their faces,

they slumber with sweet dreams.

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Family & Memories

The turkey is in the oven,

its aroma fills the air.

Dad is putting the boards in the table,

and digging out the extra chairs.

Mom is in the kitchen,

waiting for the dough to rise.

She has lots of things to bake,

like biscuits and pumpkin pies.

Grandma is very busy,

making her recipe for cranberry sauce.

Grandpa is keeping the kids in the yard,

playing a game of toss.

The relatives start to arrive,

with all their children in tow.

It seems that each and every year,

the guest list always grows.

The men all head to the television,

to watch the football games.

The woman shake their heads and laugh,

every Thanksgiving the scene is the same.

When at last the feast is ready,

everyone takes their place.

Its time to give their thanks to God,

as Dad says the Grace.

Soon all the plates are empty,

and everyone is full.

The children all vie for the wishbone,

that everyone wants to pull.

Evening soon approaches,

and the guests begin to depart.

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone,

leaving all with a warmth in their heart.

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Oh Lord, we come before You,
On this Thanksgiving Day.
We ask You for Your Blessing,
As we gather now to pray.


Bless this food before us,
Of which we will partake.
Forgive us all our sins,
And mistakes that we may make.


Strengthen our very souls,
Make us worthy of You.
Keep us safe from any harm,
In everything we do.


Guide us every day, Oh Lord,
Show us right from wrong.
When we are feeling weakened,
We pray You make us strong.


Father, we give You thanks,
For loved ones gathered near.
And we ask that You watch over,
All those that aren't here.


We pray for peace and harmony,
Upon our struggling earth.
We thank You for the precious gift,
You gave us in Your Son's birth.


Oh Lord, we thank You for everything,
You have blessed us with again,
And we humbly pray, all of this,
In Jesus' name....Amen.

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God's Gift


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On one peaceful night,

So very long ago.

A star shone brightly, in the sky,

Guiding the way to go.



It led the way for Wise Men,

Bearing gifts, they would present.

They traveled through the darkness,

To see the Child, that Heaven had sent.



Lying there, in a manger,

His Mother at His side,

Was the Newborn, King of Kings,

That angels foretold, would arrive.



There was a peace about Him,

With gentleness, upon His face.

All those who looked, upon the Child,

Felt, the Good Lord's Awesome Grace.



Even the stoic, stable animals,

Seemed as though, in awe.

They sensed a miracle, had happened,

In the birth of the Child, they saw.



All who came, to see the Babe,

Fell upon their knees, and prayed.

Praising God, for such a Gift,

Who there, in the manger, laid.



The Child was born, for all mankind,

Sent to us, from Heaven above.

To walk the earth, spreading His Word,

His Grace, His Peace...His Love.


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