What does Christmas mean to me?

Oh! Dear Santa, can't you see?

This is the birth of a special Child,

not the time to run crazy and wild.

Homes all decorated wherever you go,

with trees, lights, and sometimes snow.

Christmas music fills the air.

Cheers and greetings for all to hear.

Candles glow through the window panes.

Gestures of friendship enhanced by the flames.

What does Christmas mean to me?

Oh! Dear Santa, can't you see?

Some folks live out on the street.

Others' homes are warm and sweet.

Some folks are easily led astray,

by evil and war that keeps them away.

Wishes and prayers are always good.

Answers for them, I wish I could.

This is a time for a long, long journey.

A woman, a man, a donkey, that wasn't many.

What does Christmas mean to me?

Oh! Dear Santa can't you see?

Strife, turmoil, and no room at the inn,

how does a little one's life begin?

In swaddling clothes, He lays in a manger

welcoming all, not one a stranger.

Gifts from the rich, gifts from the poor

the stable with a thatched roof had no door.

All was welcome to come and enter,

To witness the  Christ Child placed in the center.

Oh! Dear Santa can't you see?

This is what Christmas means to me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

copied from holiday page 01/01/02

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Jim Valero's picture

Lovely poem on Xmas. The imagery transports one to a season we all know, no matter where one lives on planet earth. True enough, Xmas means different things to many people. Yet, no matter what idea one may have of it, Xmas is usually a time where good feelings and good will come to the foreground. True, some act out of duty, some dedicate themselves to parties or to induge themselves. Xmas, no matter what, is a special season, a special event in the lives of many people on this planet. Sure, we should all keep in mind the absolutely revolutionary message of Jesus, who thought there is another way to break the cycle of violence and misery on this marvelous planet--love thy neighbor as thou lovest thyself. Turn the other cheek, do not resist evil. People like Henry David Thoreau, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Ghandhi, and other pacifist revolutionaries in the history of mankind did learn the message. No matter what, Xmas is and remains a time to remember all this.

Your poem is a beautiful remainder, which, through the medium of poetry, brings the reader the special feel of the season. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work!

onelilartist's picture

Your friend, Joyce, told me about your poetry, and I really like this one. I agree with the sentiment and support the view myself. Thanks for a great time reading your work.


Butch Lesley's picture

This is nice. The REASON for the season is often lost in commercalizm today