Waiting For Christmas


The children are all excited,

trying to be on their best behavior,

They know Santa is watching,

and want to earn his favor.

They're making out their lists,

of all their wanted toys.

Telling Santa how they have been,

good little girls and boys.

When we put up the tree,

their eyes dance so bright.

The moment we put in the plug,

and turn on the colorful lights.

The night they're waiting for is nearer,

when Santa loads up his sleigh.

And delivers all the presents,

they find on Christmas Day.

They're helping to make the cookies,

and all the holiday sweets.

Its always fun for them,

cause they sample all the treats!

At last on Christmas Eve,

they put the cookies on a plate.

Then hang their stockings, go to bed,

and anxiously await.

When they wake on Christmas morning,

they run to look under the tree.

There's no more precious moment,

than their little faces full of glee!

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Christmas Morning To A Child


Excited little children,

jumping out of bed.

Pushing all those sugarplums,

out of their sleepy heads.

Their eyes light right up,

when on Christmas morning they see,

What Santa left there for them,

piled underneath the tree.

Its a morning full of smiles,

as the wrapping hit the floor.

Their voices raise with glee,

"This is just what I asked Santa for!"

"Daddy, put this together!"

"Mommy, where are the batteries?"

"Daddy, did you see what I got?"

"Mommy, come play with me!"

Their in all their glory,

its the day they've waited for all year.

Christmas is a time for children,

for family, love and good cheer!

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" FancyLadyRider Sig's "

Well, we just moved to our new home,

And the old house is kind of neat!

There are so many big rooms and halls

With fancy mirrors and hanging chandeliers..

We're having indeed so much fun,

In this big and old house of ours

Even when we're still missing our former home

I know one day, we'll love this one maybe more!

It was last week just the other day,

It was a Saturday, because that day there wasn't any school

When we were having as usual as much fun

And driving mom just simply crazy...

We were just running and playing hide and seek

Exploring more places where we could land another joke!

When from the attic just came out flying and chasing after us,

No other than Casper! our sweet and friendly ghost!

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Happy Holiday Baby

At 7am the alarm rings and with it brings the loneliness of another day.  My co-workers see me play at the job so much but always going "dutch" during happy hour; so they never see my sour heart tire from fake skipping, my face dripping wet with tears from thoughts of the love that i've lost somehow, somewhere, the cost was  I sigh as I stare towards the sky and thank God for having at least tried to love you right.  Our love seemed so airtight that going home alone again seems to leave me choking in the middle of the night.  I wake up at 2am shaking, feeling as though someone was taking the love out of my life.  Missing you cuts like a knife especially when I see others together (like my manz and his wife).  On holidays when the Christmas song of the day plays and it's something romantic that stays in your mind; I try to find a quiet corner somewhere so I can sit and stare at your picture, either that or run home.  I sit alone burning a candle in the window for every day that you've been gone.  Man, that's now been alot of candles.  The wax has been melted and hardened over and over again but nothing can take the place of the memories i have of you my friend.  You are, were, always will be the woman that was the most special to me, my 4th of July baby.

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Hallow's Eve

Goblins, ghost, tiny creapy bats,

Porches lines with horrid black cats,

While the leaves have fell

The trick or treaters face their own childhood hell,

Candy & Chocolate Treats,

the children will never know who they will meet...

Angels, Pumpkins, and Fairies,

To these young children, everything will be scarey,

On Hallow's Eve,

All evil is seen

Orange and Black

Some of these childrens evil will never come back...

These childrens terror strikes their mind,

These thoughtful strangers are not kind,

They have envoked these spirits

That may cause them to kill,

With all these lively children they will never get their feel,

Their so glad to see you now

apon their grave and dancing with death apon your face,

This death is apon you,

Your own

Fall into these hole

Orange and Black...

Some of these children's evil,

Will never come back

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Summer Love

Loving/Being Loved

I can hear the breeze sing the words in my ears,

I can see the images in the waves of the ocean,

You sat beside me and whispering your feelings,

But I still avoid your attempt of devotion.

I know your imagination of the future is blurred,

Something reaches out wanting to make it clear,

Are you blocking me or am I blocking myself?

Is it the friendship, other people, or the fear?

We are alone together, knowing the opportunities,

The sun blazing down on our holiday romance,

My soul feels warm once again now I’m with you,

Finally falling in love, as I slowly glance.

Closer we are together now as you’ve realised,

My secret smile towards you means something,

Does this mean forever or just for the moment?

Although it changes when we return, memories will ling.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Imagination, wouldn't mind it happening to me though -.^

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Memorial Day



We remember our fallen soldiers,
Who died in many wars.
They gave their lives for freedom,
Its what they were fighting for.


On many grounds and hills,
And battlefields of sand.
They fought for what they believed in,
And ownership of land.


What's left of them are memories,
And names carved there in walls.
Hero's for our Nation,
Who answered their country's call.


We must never forget their sacrifices,
So their lives were not in vain,
And especially on Memorial day,
We thank them once again.  


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Einfach Reichtum

Verborgene Kostbarkeiten

Im Land Indien

Wer kann es entdecken?

Bodenstنndige Küche

Leben in allen Gassen

Bunte Vielfalt

Der Kampf ums ـberleben

Trotz unvermeidlicher


Der herrliche Ausblick

Eindrucksvoller ist die Anreise.

Bei den mutige Spaziergنngen


Suchen und finden.

Yoga, Meditation, Rituelles

Bescheidenes Leben.

Alltags Indien


mit dem dritten Auge


eigentlichen Reichtum

verstehen; was sie unter Elend vermuten!

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Memorial Day


I didn't do much today

Got up around seven

Took a shower

Then marched

In the parade

It didn't rain

The sun shined

The day didn't come

I lost ten bucks

That I will not pay

Went to the nursing home

Visited great Grandma

For her birthday

Got her lottery cards

Went to the lake

Ate and fished

I got hurt

My cousin was fishing

And when he casted

The hook hit me

And was stuck to me

Less the an inch from my eye

It was scary

Then I came home

That's my day

I wrote a poem about it

Which sucked

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