Hidden Love

Passions of the Heart

Just a thought!

Passions of the Heart

My heart, a deluge, consumed by distant passion
A deity, forgiving in nature, her glow, confessing innocents
This Angel of Friendship defines my every thought
Past suffering, healed by Devine intervention
Her heart weeps with mixed emotion
Peace and serenity in her bosom, only love in her gaze
Beautiful creature, crying out with lustful endeavors
Taking my soul in a sensuous embrace
Breathless and overcome, she submits
To a moment of concealed passion
Trembling and taxed, she welcomes my touch with her eyes
Spilling from her lid, a soft teardrop glistens
We are entwined, our thoughts holding the other
Passionate hearts…Awaiting stolen moments

            by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What dreams are made of'

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Deep within

I am lost in all confusion

No one understands my heart

No one cares to rescue me

From the world I feel apart.

No one wants to love me

Hold me next to their skin

No one cares to feel my love

No one will let me in.

Just when I feel so happy

Just when I think I am there

Something takes a twist and turn

And things so back to unfair.

My heart can’t take the pain

My soul has an empty space

My head it is just swimming

I need out of this place.

I feel as though I may drown

My breath is fading away

Each day I have to fight this pain

Makes me feel more gray.

I wish it was that easy

Just to walk up to you and say

That you are what completes me

Makes my hours become a day.

If you look into my eyes

Deep inside of me

Would you know that love I hold

Is there for you to see.

Would you understand me

Would you feel my pain inside

Would you finally be the one

That I truly can confide.

My body is full of emotion

My heart full of pain

Standing here all broken

In the pouring rain.

Today, tomorrow and forever

with my head down in shame.

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Without you

I sit alone all the time

With thoughts of you and I

I wonder where you are right then,

I often wonder why.

You are so far away from me

Yet you are so close and near

I hold you deep inside my heart

You are my love, my dear.

I want to confess to you

I wish that you knew

That no matter where I am

I always think of you.

You are so beautiful to me

Your eyes the have such glow

Your smile sparkles wonderfully

I just want to let you know.

I want to walk up to you

Confess to you my love

Tell you that I need to hold you tight

Feel your body like a glove.

You make my heart skip a beat

My hands shake so much

Longing to feel your skin

Waiting for your touch.

You will always be my heart and soul

The secret left untold

The only reason that I smile

The one heart of gold….

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Wrong love

To fall in love is easy

Yes this is true,

To find the one I truly want

I looked and I found you.

You said finding the wrong one

Happens more so,

But when the wrong one feels so right

It’s hard to let them go.

I see so much in your eyes

I can hear it in your voice,

I wish that I could admit to you

I don’t think I have that choice.

I stand beside you most everyday

I touch your delicate skin,

My heart begins to beat real fast

Anxious to touch you again.

I admire you more than any

I wish that you could see,

I wish that I could hold you so

I wish that we could be.

I dream of you every night

Wanting to taste the moistness you hold,

To lay with you breath to breath

To hear the story that is untold.

I need to feel your lips on mine

I need to fill the empty space,

I will never be able to meet someone

That can ever take your place.

Maybe one day I’ll show you this

Let you read inside my soul,

Maybe then you will feel my love

And and help me fill the hole.

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When I close my eyes to sleep,

Your eyes and smile I see

When I dream at night,

I dream of you with me.

I reach out next to me

To feel your tender skin,

And when I wake up from my sleep,

I am alone again.

My mind it drifts away a lot,

To thoughts of you with me,

Holding tight to one another,

Love is all I see.

You always take my hand in yours

And hold me close to you,

With such a soft and tender touch

In everything you do.

I see you most everyday

It’s hard to hide my love,

It’s hard to let go of the heart

That fits mine like a glove.

When it’s time to leave

And let you go from me,

My heart sinks, my head droops

It’s hard for me to be.

One day very soon I will confess

You will know how I feel,

But for now, look in my eyes

You will see it’s real.

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Mi Amor

So much confusion instilled by the heart

Little understanding of where to start

A need to hold, to touch, to feel

The feelings though suppressed are greatly real.

Thoughts of love, want and longing desire

To see a smile adds wood to the fire

To look deeply into the eyes of despair

To feel the heat through breath of air.

A laugh, a wink, a look of true care

Seems to make life seem so unfair

I need to know how it feels inside

I need to see the beaches tide.

Forever longing to lie chest to chest

To feel the heat of flesh of breast

To touch the inner moistness of heat

To taste the sweetness as out lips meet.

A need to wake up in the arms of true love

A need to feel the heart as a glove

To touch the love with hand to heart

To hold forever never to part.

It’s hard to hold my love behind the door

It’s such a task such a chore

One day I will speak with this pain

For now I will stand dreaming, head down in shame.

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Made in the Stars

Infinite love made in the stars

And descended down to earth

We were one in the universe

A love so strong,that there are no words to convey

A touch A feeling A emotion

Intertwined beings souls speaking in thoughts

In the language reserved for spirit

In the air we fly each day and night

Our spirits dance in the stars

Our eyes connect in the miracle of this blessing

That Spirit has brought us together for the creation

A sacred love of the heavens making

Like a story book enfolds

Everything happening for a reason

Pain and Hurt beyond confusion with another

But love sacrificed to find the truth

The one who is waiting there in the stars

Beauties flow of graceful and divine love

Watching it grow and flourish

The connection getting stronger and stronger

My soul has never known such feeling

And when the day comes that we touch in reality

I will feel the descended sacredness of completion

We will be finally together as One

For love there is no word,there is only the beauty

I love you forever~

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the summer time

The summer time

Not on mines but on summers time

I seem to lay next to the most beautiful season that all year it stays devine

And everytime she bates her eyes I seem to laugh but can nothin take away from her personal swagga

influenced by making money with a blunt or two after

Do what you do boo as long as it keeps her laughing

And maybe later I can be her substitution to fill her mind and body with love instead of polution..

Cus I like the way she walks with confidents of style and grace...

I swear her body and mind is beautiful in every single way

When I see her she makes my soul happy and it never seems to stop

I swear her spirit stays with me all the way to antioch....

But now that she's here I seem to love summer more than spring

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I’m broken when I’m by myself, a piece of jagged glass.

Longing for an answer to a question I won’t ask,

Only you can see the stars as morning comes to pass.

Visions seem to slowly fade but memories seem to stay.

Every time we get too close I just have to turn away.

You tempt me into giving in when walls all fall apart.

Only you are strong enough to penetrate my heart

Underneath this bitter smile, I wish that I could cry.

Angel eyes, like yours in mine, see right through my disguise.

Do you hear me when I tell you the things I’m scared to feel?

Are my words too complicated for this confession to be real?

Maybe if you read between the lines, my words will all reveal…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for adam. read down the first letter of each line...

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