Without you

I sit alone all the time

With thoughts of you and I

I wonder where you are right then,

I often wonder why.

You are so far away from me

Yet you are so close and near

I hold you deep inside my heart

You are my love, my dear.

I want to confess to you

I wish that you knew

That no matter where I am

I always think of you.

You are so beautiful to me

Your eyes the have such glow

Your smile sparkles wonderfully

I just want to let you know.

I want to walk up to you

Confess to you my love

Tell you that I need to hold you tight

Feel your body like a glove.

You make my heart skip a beat

My hands shake so much

Longing to feel your skin

Waiting for your touch.

You will always be my heart and soul

The secret left untold

The only reason that I smile

The one heart of gold….

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