Mi Amor

So much confusion instilled by the heart

Little understanding of where to start

A need to hold, to touch, to feel

The feelings though suppressed are greatly real.

Thoughts of love, want and longing desire

To see a smile adds wood to the fire

To look deeply into the eyes of despair

To feel the heat through breath of air.

A laugh, a wink, a look of true care

Seems to make life seem so unfair

I need to know how it feels inside

I need to see the beaches tide.

Forever longing to lie chest to chest

To feel the heat of flesh of breast

To touch the inner moistness of heat

To taste the sweetness as out lips meet.

A need to wake up in the arms of true love

A need to feel the heart as a glove

To touch the love with hand to heart

To hold forever never to part.

It’s hard to hold my love behind the door

It’s such a task such a chore

One day I will speak with this pain

For now I will stand dreaming, head down in shame.

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