Wrong love

To fall in love is easy

Yes this is true,

To find the one I truly want

I looked and I found you.

You said finding the wrong one

Happens more so,

But when the wrong one feels so right

It’s hard to let them go.

I see so much in your eyes

I can hear it in your voice,

I wish that I could admit to you

I don’t think I have that choice.

I stand beside you most everyday

I touch your delicate skin,

My heart begins to beat real fast

Anxious to touch you again.

I admire you more than any

I wish that you could see,

I wish that I could hold you so

I wish that we could be.

I dream of you every night

Wanting to taste the moistness you hold,

To lay with you breath to breath

To hear the story that is untold.

I need to feel your lips on mine

I need to fill the empty space,

I will never be able to meet someone

That can ever take your place.

Maybe one day I’ll show you this

Let you read inside my soul,

Maybe then you will feel my love

And and help me fill the hole.

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