When I close my eyes to sleep,

Your eyes and smile I see

When I dream at night,

I dream of you with me.

I reach out next to me

To feel your tender skin,

And when I wake up from my sleep,

I am alone again.

My mind it drifts away a lot,

To thoughts of you with me,

Holding tight to one another,

Love is all I see.

You always take my hand in yours

And hold me close to you,

With such a soft and tender touch

In everything you do.

I see you most everyday

It’s hard to hide my love,

It’s hard to let go of the heart

That fits mine like a glove.

When it’s time to leave

And let you go from me,

My heart sinks, my head droops

It’s hard for me to be.

One day very soon I will confess

You will know how I feel,

But for now, look in my eyes

You will see it’s real.

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