Hidden Love

If Only I Could Tell You

If only I could tell you

I feel you.......before I see you

My thighs burn when I catch a glimpse of you

I can't hear anything except my heart beating

My pulse races with the wind

My face warms like with the sun......yet its a cloudy day

My heart pounds like thunder

As if struck by lightening Im alive.....

I know you feel me to

My hands tremble whenever you are near

My mind fills with thoughts of ecstasy

You send a shock right threw my body

For an eternity I have felt so dead

You make me feel alive without a touch

Without a word ......I feel at peace

A look into your eyes and Im complete

I dont know what to say

I don't know what to do....paralyzed

Yet longing for you

God I can feel you want me

I want to inhale you

I want to taste you ....slowly....softly

I hang on your every word

If only I could tell you

The fire of passion would surely glow

The intensity threatens to drown me

And yet the thought serves only to entice me

Feelings all so surreal

Neither of us able to touch

Forbidden love.....is this what excites me

Knowing I'll never have you

And yet your every glance seduces me

Dreaming only of reaching out and softly caressing your lips

Closing my eyes I feel the fires within

I've looked a lifetime for you

And here you are.....I can't breathe

Filling my thoughts

Awaking all of my senses

Forever grateful you are near

All my life I have dreamed of you

Without even a touch I have felt love

The sight of you arrouses me

Hear me..... thank-you

If only I could tell you

I would thank-you for all you have given me

I inhale deeply and we become one for but a fleeting moment

In my vivid dreams I see you touch me softly

Somewhere in my slumber I taste the sweetness of your nectar

I never really knew how to love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If only I could tell you then I could dedicate my poem to you.....giggle :o)~       what a DEAL!

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Lovers Thoughts

I dont know if it's a decison made from above

But it seems like I can't help but fall in love

Knowing it won't work out right

I still wish our love would shine star bright

Why is faith playing with you and me

Why can't it just set us free

So we can be together

From now until forever

You will always be inside my heart

No matter how far we are apart

And if this is the way our love is

Then I'll save it in an envelope sealed with a kiss

So it's just between you and me

Our love as pure as it can be

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to all the lovers.

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