Hidden Love

His Letter To Her


should i ever tell anyone how i felt

if i couldn't tell you

but you know now, somehow,

don't you

it's another secret

i tried hard to say

other moments got in the way

normally, i know from pure youth,

nervousness works that way

but nervousness wasn't into play

not that day or the next or the last

but  the dye is cast

and the best shot was the past

seems i never had a chance, thinking back

i'd trace back each entire hour gone

but i have to tell you

well right now, it's just

not the time

you're on the line

and on another line

by myself plenty there'll be, of days

to reminisce..

to reminisce..

i'll think about you as the hours go by

inevitably stalling for time

knowing this may be how i'll finish my life

happy that you're happy, though, till i'm grey and die

and  the dye is cast

and the best shot was the past

seems i never had a chance

what would i do if i saw you in heaven?

young, alone, and with forever?

what would i do if i saw you in heaven?

young, alone, and with forever?

it's another secret

i tried hard to say

other moments got in the way

what would i do if i saw you in heaven?

young, alone, and with forever?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Jeremy, and to Vanessa

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too hard

how can you sit there and not know how i feel

two souls born as one torn apart

but now iv found you

but i cant have you

every smile cracks my heart

just your laugh can make my head spin

love is a strong word

but its not strong enough

every conversation saved

every pic

when im not talking to you

i feel like half of me is missing

i cant get my head around this

but i do know one thing

love isnt a game

and im not playing

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was written for someone close to me heart

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Commandment 9

I found it.  It's mine.  And I love it with all my black little heart...

But I can never own it.

I paid for it, and you can't have it!  Isn't my sin as good a currency as any?

I gave it my passion and my sweat

It's taste still lingers in my throat.

I feel it's pressure on my chest as I close my eyes and rock back and forth...

But I can never own it.

I saw it on the path, my eyes shifted left,

And there it was.

Shiny, but not new

Tarnished and neglected,

But still wonderful.

Still powerful.

And I hold on to it tightly, stop! Stop!  STOP!!!

You can't have it now, let it stay with me for a moment,

I've traded my soul for it and I deserve...nothing.  

For in my heart, I know, that I can never own it.

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The pain that underlies the fool

I love you the most

More than cheesy crisps and chocolate toast

I love you more than pigs in blankets and apple pie,

I love you so much

(I cannot bear to see you cry)

I love you more than sugar-gum drops, lotion and Vaseline

But why do my feelings come out in words so mean?

I love you lots like jelly tots and pineapple jam

(I love the way you love my hands)

I wish to take the stupid jokes away

That led you to dis-believe

In every word I say

When you took him back

You ripped my heart out of my mouth

and when i told you that

you laughed and asked if i am ever serious about anything

I was serious you idiot :(

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make me smile and i'll stay for awhile.

it's just a crush

there was no proper introductions

no random run in.

so how come everytime i see you,

my throat gets dry,

the Jonas Brothers start playing in my head,

and i get a big smile on my face?

it's not just a trying to impress you one either,

it's a genuine one,

one that comes from seeing you.

and that has never happened before.

i'm to scared of going through this limbo again.

but i'm trying to anyways.

yet trying to say hi and taking the chance, the shyness kicks in.


that has never happened before.

i've always been so confident to go up to a guy i liked.

i really want to say something,

but i know your type,

so all i do,

is look at you,

and i think the conversation can take place.

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Clytie and a Humbler Helios

My doveling dear,

my true friend true,

my sweetest lover

and strongest bedmate

between platonic sheets,

my secret keeper,

my widow-maker,

my one great love

is you!

And I dream of you,

naked, next to me

as we moisten and wrinkle

those virginal sheets.

My only passion,

my deep, dark desire,

how I stay so pure

and you so honest,

I'll never know!

It was surely Fate

that made us meet,

and Fate is our cruel

but proper brother.

In your arms, I become

better than I am,

and knowing you love me

only fans the flames.

My sweet, sweet friend,

why are we true?

My sweet, sweet friend,

I burn for you!

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The letting go (I hope she's good)

You've searched for love and ran through me.

I couldn't fill you as I should.

You moved ahead; I guess that we

Would never come to any good.

You've chosen her. She suits you well,

If anyone can suit you right!

And now, she rings your wedding bell

That crushes down my sleepless night.

So, you have ended up your quest

And found your heart a golden key.

I really hope she is the best

Of all the rest, including me.

It cuts me to my bone to see

The way you kiss her in the rain,

But it is easier for me

To know that she is worth my pain.

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Someone special

Someone special,

They are a friend,

I love this special someone smile,

They always help me if I ask,

They always say hi with a smile on there face,

Hi and how are you are more then just words from this special someone,

Just knowing they are there if I need something helps me get through everyday,

My days are brighter every time I see or talk to this special someone,

Maybe someday I will tell this special someone how I feel,

But for now,

A special someone they will be.


Misty Yanish

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Silent Confession

You don’t know and never will

It’s wrong and would make you ill

I can’t help it though

It’s tearing me apart all the way through

You will never know because I know better

You just think we’re friends but I want more

You will never agree so

I will never tell you ‘I love you’

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I really hope the person I wrote this about never sees this.
Written 12/13/07

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