Hidden Love

lost emotions

Every thought, to hard to say,

Find the words, lost they stay,

Feelings inside, in every way,

Want to tell you, need to stay,

The words inside, what to say,

Straight and blunt, by the way,

The things inside I need to say,

You don’t know this, every day,

I feel this warmth, I find my way,

To love you and need you in every way.

When I talk to you, you speak of her

Loving her, they way things were

I found a day, I found a word

To say one thing, you are my lover

I tried to tell you, instead of never

You took my words, and said forever

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My Love Poems

Can't you see I got a thing for you. The way you do the things you do, makes me see how cute you can be. You always look good, the best thing i've seen in the hood. I've seen you laugh and I've seen you cry, I would have came up to you but I was to shy. I get to close and i want to die. Boy, you look so fine and got me think how can i make you mine. Baby just wait we'll see in time.

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One life

Self Directed

Days pass and still no sign,

I yearn for the touch from a sin filled boy with a mislead soul.

Who he loves, remains unknown,

though he haunts my dreams giving me false hope.

He is like shade from the sun,

and light in the dark,

When our two hearts cross paths, we'll be strong as Diamond.

He see's what lies ahead, but is too busy with what is left behind,

so what love we have, remains untouched by time.

You are the father of my children,

You are the lover in my life,

yet years will pass by,

Before we merge as one life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"He'll never know until it is too late..."
~*Brittany Ann Beasley*~

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i've watched you

from the corner of my eye

and oh, how i've loved you

how many times have you made me cry?

i love the way you talk

and how you kissed me in my dreams

i love the way you walk

but you're always walking AWAY it seems

i can't wait til the next time we meet

when i hear your sweet voice

when i hear the soft steps of your feet

but i have to run away; you give me no choice

my heart beats because of you

i wish you could only see

that my love for you really grew

but do you even know me?

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our song

I see your face everywhere that I go

Hear your voice around strangers that I hardly know

I don’t know how I ever survived

Was alone in this world ‘til you brought me to life…

May I have this dance with you

Even though it might not last that long

Our song is playing with every breath I take

When the music dies so will I

Because I know when I open my eyes

You’ll be gone

You’ll be gone

I’ve fallen so deeply I’ve just hit the ground

Can you hear me screaming I love you out loud

I wonder if you’ll hold my hand one last time

And take me some place so we can hide for a while

May I have this dance with you

Even though it might not last that long

Our song is playing with every breath I take

When the music dies so will I

Because I know when I open my eyes

You’ll be gone

You’ll be gone

It’s starting to fade like a whispering voice

When the music dies so will I

Because I know when I open my eyes

You’ll be gone…

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Feeling Like Ohio


Feeling like Ohio

Is where I'm wanting to be

Somewhere away from here

And far from misery

Feeling like Ohio

Is the perfect place to go

Where I'll be alone

And no one will ever know

Feeling like Ohio

Is singing love songs just to me

Wish I could be right there

Being nowhere just to be

Ohio's calling out my name

But nothing's ever going to change

I'm still the same

Feeling like Ohio's

Sounding better than before

Maybe there is someone

But then I'm not really sure

Feeling like Ohio

Is becoming my catch phrase

I'll use it when I feel bad

No matter the time or place

Feeling like Ohio

Is the perfect place to run

Se levanto mi chica

And you know it will be fun

Ohio's calling out to me

But that's one thing that I can't see

And I'm still beat

Feeling like Ohio

Is just where I need to be

So far from everything

But way too close to ever leave

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Cherish what we have tonight, darling as you hold me tight.

Cherish the love between us now, never question why or how.

Cherish the touch of gentle caress, and as you make my hair a mess.

Cherish tender whispers shared, and the heat bathing against our skin, which is bared. Cherish the passions shared in dark, for in the morning we must part.

Cherish the moments stolen from a time, not entirely yours or...entirely mine.

Passions mounting, lingering kiss, I cherish this, which I will surely miss.

And as the morning sunlight doth rise,

I’ll cherish the tears that fill my eyes.

As from you, I now must depart, forever cherish the memory that I leave upon your heart.

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Dissolving Angel Wings.


As the sun completly fades

mountains claim a sky

reminding me that in you

a heart is clotted dry

when rain falls upon us

does it wash away our faults

  if clouds could carry secrets

  would an angels wings dissolve

  like flames that travel fast

  through woods of ancient bark

   A truth is left in ashes  

   lost in question marks

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If It's Fascinating

If it's fascinating,
You'll stare;
Whether interest,
Or sheer beauty.

You'll stare,
If it's fascinating;
It'll bring peace to heart,
And soothe the soul.

If it makes you stare,
Your fascination is apparent,
If you stare,
Time stands still.

All things apparent,
When you watch,
A gaze, searching,
Find self, inside.

If it's fascinating,
Whether love,
Or obsession,
It is captivation.

If it's Fascinating.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Great Sherrie inspired this. ;P

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