Deep within

I am lost in all confusion

No one understands my heart

No one cares to rescue me

From the world I feel apart.

No one wants to love me

Hold me next to their skin

No one cares to feel my love

No one will let me in.

Just when I feel so happy

Just when I think I am there

Something takes a twist and turn

And things so back to unfair.

My heart can’t take the pain

My soul has an empty space

My head it is just swimming

I need out of this place.

I feel as though I may drown

My breath is fading away

Each day I have to fight this pain

Makes me feel more gray.

I wish it was that easy

Just to walk up to you and say

That you are what completes me

Makes my hours become a day.

If you look into my eyes

Deep inside of me

Would you know that love I hold

Is there for you to see.

Would you understand me

Would you feel my pain inside

Would you finally be the one

That I truly can confide.

My body is full of emotion

My heart full of pain

Standing here all broken

In the pouring rain.

Today, tomorrow and forever

with my head down in shame.

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