Hidden Love


when he looks my way

my knees grow weak

when he holds my hand

i can not speak

when i cry

he cries with me

when i am with him

he makes me feel free

when he sleeps

i can only stare

and when he awakens

i am always there

when i am next to him

i feel so content

and when i am away

i think of him constant

when he kisses me

my heart fills with love

when he holds me

i feel like im in the heavens above

when i sit alone

i think of only him

and now i do believe...

i am falling in love with him

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i met this wonderful man and this is the best way to discribe how he makes me feel.

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Maybe I Am

I know I've gotten over you,

When you decided to break free,

I tried to point the finger at him,

When the reason was actually me.

You went back to the old,

I got something new,

I healed myself together

Ready to get back into the crude

The old got tired,

The new got old,

Now we are both free,

Maybe I am,

Maybe again,

I an in love with thee

Author's Notes/Comments: 

10-25-06 rhyme. haha

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Love unspoken

Other poems

Its that warm rain

That makes it worth being in

But its that cold wind that makes you shiver

That turns reality back on again

How can that freedom and warmth

Be turned in to sheer bitterness

To be on this great high

Almost as good as a drug

But suddenly burnt out

Too much good turns bad

Love unspoken

But still present

Saying it is not permitted

Soon too far

Every time we say hello

It’s a step closer to saying goodbye

Holding on to what we have

Is no way to keep our lives in tact

What brings this to pieces

Is if someone peeks threw

Then there wont be time to say goodbye

Tough skin

Layers you say

But I have peeled more away

Then u would like to think

I have seen some rare things

That I wouldn’t dare to tell you about

In a long while

You bring out that smile

I know u don’t want to say goodbye

Or break my heart

More then what I seem

Actually getting under your skin

I have seen some parts

love deep within

I wont hurt you

you wont hurt me

I ask why weren’t we meant to be

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Was it out of line, was I out of place?

I saw you coming and I lost it all,

All of the movies can't compare you for times like these,

I know it's just a matter of time and courage,

Cause it seems like you are always so far,

And I am just some kind of astronomer and you are my beautiful star,

But I've study you for some awhile now,

And think it's time you return to the ground.

Where we can get intimate and get close,

Fall in love and get married, who knows?

But I know you came to me and I'll never be the same,

The next step is to buy an apartment right out of town and I'll take your last name.

It will be perfect and life will be great,

Only thing left to do now is wait.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

you're in love with me, you just don't know it yet :)

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Androgynous Words

indecIsive chaos destroying,

let the words fLow,
overly fOrbidden,
Vacate the mind of them,
etched into the hEart.

Yielding to logic,
overcoming emOtion,
Must speak it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's obvious what is there.

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To Which I Say In The Night

You sit behind the instrument,
The notes of sound beating in,
As if to call me in with you,
Music to take me all away.

To which I say in the night;

Addiction you are giving now,
The silence threatens secure thought,
It is easy to fall with each,
And I could say--cannot say that.

Should fantasy take my own mind,
You should know the solution here;
That is, it should not this way--
But it is your grace and your mind--

To which I say in this night;

Captivation is what holds me:
Icy blue and slender figure,
All so desirable, but--
It is your ways of thought that holds.

Time spent without true desires,
Feelings that are ample to act,
What are we, but blank images?
We want a shared photograph--

To which I say all night--

Repeating in my head the word of--
The one thing I feel that is true--
And I should not speak any of--
And I could say that--I love you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just how I am, I suppose.

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I Like a Boy

I like a boy,

Yes I do,

I like a boy,

Do you know who?

I will not tell,

This boy so true

He is so rare,

Has this given you a clue?

I like a boy,

Yes I do,

I like a boy,

And he is you ♥

Author's Notes/Comments: 

8-15-06 I just made it up

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A taste from your cup runneth over should taste of vinegar,

but I stick my mouth wide-open under the aquaDrip to taste instead...

the sweetest Kool-Aid sin to ever quench my misinterpreted thirst.

Whim, Whimsical, & Whimsicality

have conquered my tongue...captivating my speech to be in the language of Caprice,

thirst for an iniquity beyond our moral kindredship,

& salivate under after thoughts I dare not act on,

but dare so double dog dare my audacity of hidden passions

to dare you to act on me.

"What's your'z is mine & what's mine is your'z"

can only euphemise the symbiote that mixes my present state of settled w/your present state of not-so-settled.

Before I formally metchu, I ain't think too much of you...

When I began to think too much of you, a rare contingency allowed me to be a friend to you...

After being your friend became a major past-time for you,

I caged my inside rage that made me like you more than your friend was supposed to like you.

But time would pass & tell the tale of a night in which the chinstroke of your shoulder lean drew water from my eyes

& the strong snugness from your biceps held me in control of

a mind I was sho'll finna lose...


only time & the outline of an October's night skyline could tell the tale of that night when my caged rage was set free

to leave me in the glare of street lights echoing your stare into the truth in my countenance

we both knew & understood.

you know...but I have to understand

that I cannot grant the figurative 3rd person permission

to kiss your literal 1st person lips in fear of

disrupting our pragmatic 2nd person approach to our relationship.

So, all I can do is continue to be the friend

that loves you in your face, but covets you behind your back for the deeper love well on its way to its fruition between us.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lovers & Friends? Lovers or Friends?

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My Vacation

Natural, beautiful nature has taken a

step back to you & has not the power to

contain all the beauty which is locked

within you and which exudes from your

smile to the soulful light in your eyes.

Your look takes me to a place my words

have not yet traveled, entering boundaries

with new steps, marking a new path to you.

I cannot wrap my mind around what is within

my site, to think that such beauty is out

there, not just physically but to be able to

converse and for me to picture your words,

to bring life them to, as you do mine.

To constantly have you crossing my mind like

the infinity symbol, a non stop loop of you,

and only wondering of the infinite possibilities.

With all that lies in front of me, I know there

is more to discover, locked within you,

Wondering that if I blink, will you be there still?

but knowing that if you were a dream, that

your smile has burnt itself into my memories

along with maybe the smallest part of this mental

photo of you, a simple Hibiscus flower in the hair...

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