Hidden Love


My Love Poems

I'm broken, lying here torn apart.

I gave you my world, I gave you my heart.

How could your love bring me such pain, when it's bright outside you can make it rain.

Don't get me wrong I got love for you, but sometimes I wonder if this can be true.

I make you laugh, and you make me cry.

But for some reason your my ultimate high.

The more you take my breath away, the moreI love you each and every day.

Someone like you is hard to find,that's why I can't get you off my mind.

No matter how cruel or mean you be to me, you are always where I wanna be.

You may hide it deep down inside, but boo i know you down to ride.

My heart was sinking and it was sinking fast, because the 1st and 2nd time we did not last.

I have faith in us to make it through, I say this because I'm love with you.

I can't help it that you blow
my mind, what can i say your undefined.

-Yung Zoul

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was for da first and only girl I ever loved..she had da only key 2 my heart.

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Half past midnight

and now the crow may cry

in a home so big to roam

but all alone each night

I walk the halls

checking each room

sitting on the floor

waiting, just waiting

for you but nothing more

sitting by the telephone

pacing restlessly

knowing sleep is impossible

without you here with me

lying on the itchy rug

my face as red as blood

waiting for the phone to ring

over the teary flood

crying out the loneliness

drowning out the pain

my heart beat matching the ticking clock

as your memory still remains

Now the sun is rising

striking seven o' one

and here I am still sitting

even though you're gone

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's not that I don't want to tell you who this is about.It's that I can't. Anyway, this is something to describe my crush and my insomnia at the same time. I like it...

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Standing Ovation

You stood there

Gazing at me

Then you stepped forward

And asked a dance of me.

Holding me close

I can hear you breathe.

You twirl me around

How can I leave?

The lights are dim

All eyes are on us.

I feel like I am flying

It's just the two of us.

I've fallen in love

All over again

It's like the first time

Except with the same man.

I can not think

Of what could go wrong.

In your arms

Your embrace is just so strong.

The song soon ends

The crowd bursts in uproar.

My eyes then open

And my heart soars.

Your eyes are so deep

You take my breath away

Nothing could be better

I want this all to stay.

Just don't let me go

Let me treasure this night.

I will make it all better.

I will do it right.

I can see it in your eyes

That you wish for the same.

Let's keep this forver

Let's stop placing the blame.

I still love you

Now more than ever before.

Everyone is leaving

But we don't leave the floor.

The chairs are up.

The guest have all gone.

THe music is still

No lights were left on.

The curtain closes.

The house lights come on.

It's a standing ovation.

Act one is done.

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I Wish...

I wish I could show you

The way things could be

The love that I hold inside of me

Shouting out your name each and everyday

I wish I could tell you

The abundance of beauty I see in you

How much you've changed my life

The ways you've inspired me

I wish you would see

I'd give it all to you

Everything you've ever wanted

The love you truly deserve

Most of all...

I wish you wouldn't suffer

I can see that you love her

But I sense the doubt in your eyes

I'd give it all to you, can't you see?

But I doubt you even know

That I love you in the first place

If I could only turn this into a song

Maybe it would touch your heart <3

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Dreaming of You

I dream of you each night

I wish us together forever

To see your handsome face

To touch your masculine hand

I love you more than you know

I want you more than anything

To grow old with you every day

To wake up next to you each morning

I dream of our future

Only to know it lies in your hands

I know where I stand

I know how I feel

I do not know what you desire

I can only hope it is me you want

And that deep down you love me

Could our dreams ever meet?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

June 19, 2002

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The Upper Hand


The tick of the clock drives me

to pure hysteria


a short amount of time

from the moment you walked into my life.

Your red lips

and dark hair,

enchanting to me

calling me.

You sang your song,

lulled me in with your Siren melody.

And I saw you,

wave your tail to me

while I drifted away

in the salt soaked sea.

We met and parted

nothing contagious

nothing combustable.

But I feel the heat of your skin,

I taste the tip of your tongue,

and I crave the peace in your eyes.

The clock still ticks and tocks and

I whimper in this silence you've created

with me in it.

Trapt in it.

You have the upper hand,

hold all the cards,

ball is in your court,

and all this delights you.

I am strung along,

needle and thread through a popcorn body.

You keep me fluctuating

back and forth

I'm the pendulum swinging,

gently swaying to the harmony

of your heels of the floor,

the release of your breath,

and the beating of my heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You've got me captivated...

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I Have a Crush on You

How old can you be

And still have a crush

When should you let them see

When your cheeks and heart blush

How will you know

To let your emotions out

Is there a time in the flow

When there would never be a doubt

Sex is on everyone's mind

These days true love is hard to find

Let out your feelings and be in a bind

For love is not always kind

So I sit and think

And miss my chance

My heart begins to sink

But again I take a glance

I have a big crush on you

Yet I am afraid to say it

Even though I am true

You may have a fit

Sex is on everyone's mind

These days true love is hard to find

Let out your feelings and be in a bind

For love is not always kind

If I were to tell you that

What would you do

Would you think hard as you sat

Or doubt I am talking about you

Maybe it would be better

To wait till you say it first

So I will keep my thought in this letter

Until my heart finally does burst

Author's Notes/Comments: 

October 6, 2006

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A Secret

Do you want to hear a secret?

A secret that I have kept.

A secret that my heart told me,

That had made my eyes wept.

This secret that I am about to share

Should not be taken softly.

This secret is emotional,

But maybe that is just to me.

This secret can make a heart soar,

Or it can make a heart sore.

This secret can make one blush,

Maybe even make the blood rush.

Hmm, should I tell this secret?

Will I be judged if I tell?

My heart may break,

If this secret does not go well.

This secret is not only my own.

It is about another,

Who will will remain unknown.

However, he does not even know it yet.

Maybe, just maybe, I should

Let him in on this secret first.

That way no hard feelings,

And less chance my heart will burst.

So I conclude

This secret will remain

Intact within and not shared yet,

To harness any pain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

November 12, 2006

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Make Another Poem For You

Love me as you will

As heart broken as can be...

Take it out on me


Turn the tables

Take the gun

Shoot the one you love

Cry as you will

As bleeding steel

Love until you kill the one that you love


Forget about crying

Smiling is timing

I know I'm somewhere in you hiding

I'd take another love

Break another heart

Make another poem,

For you

You tell me that you love me,

Then you go and break my heart...

In two

I need you like a kiss

Like a tear

I needed you

Maybe i needed a broken heart

To start a new

You could lift me off love

But set me down

Thinking of you...

Crying all around

I'd take another love

Break another heart

Make another poem,

For you

You tell me that you love me,

Then you go and break my heart...

In two

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