Hidden Love

pondering thoughts


Pondering thoughts flowing through my mind, I began to realize I am running out of time, but I can still rhyme. I try not to be poetic, instead I come off looking pathetic, damn its hectic. All I wanna be is free, free from me and free from the visions in my head, now I am a prisoner of my own words and it has left me feeling dead. Maybe it is you that will save me.......

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm no good with expressing my feelings in person, but give me some paper and a pen and ill tell u everything......

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pretend, love, that you love me

pretend, love, that you love me.

come pretend, now, that you care.

pretend now that true lovin'

is the kind you're here to share.

pretend that it's forever,

and it's epic and of soul.

pretend, love, that you love me,

...yeah, pretend you love me so.

pretend there ain't no riddles,

nor no questions in the dark.

pretend it's only blind now,

and it's deeply from the heart.

pretend that it's alive now,

and obsession's claimed your name.

pretend, love, how you love me,

...yeah, pretend a love insane.

life is made to fake it...and we all just wear a mask.

youth is on the run now...and the years are passing fast.

love is ours to make it...best we try and make it last.

pretend, my love, you love me,

...say i'll never have to ask.

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Marbles(version 2)

you live the world backwards

brick yourself in but

if eyes had walls

well i've always seen the heat hidden behind closed doors

i'd take the hit

and as i'm stopped in my tracks you'd get higher then before



you see the damage in damage control

your eyes are a tell tale sign

theres a chill up your spine

and a tingle at the same time

at the thought of being with me

your eyes are so deep and refined

and its not diamonds or a coal mine

set aside the shape and the hazy air

something more is on display there


now you speak in tongues about this love

one more thanks to heaven above

and a prayer that you'll soon absorb

my language is straight as an arrow

so fire

you can fire

you glance around your room

searching for the space between love and doom

and the answer would dim the lights

as you look down notice the spotlight's

on you

i am just the end of time

but its only the end of time you knew

and from what i can clearly see in your eyes

its time for you to start anew

as you speak in tongues about this love

i give thanks to heaven above

and a prayer that you'll soon absorb

my language is straight as an arrow

so fire

you can fire

as you speak in tongues about this love

i give thanks to heaven above

and a prayer that you'll soon absorb

my language is straight as an arrow

so fire

you can fire

your eyes are so deep and unfound

my voyage is starting to come around

set aside the mist and the hazy air

all mirages give way to here


like sliding doors


like sliding doors


like sliding doors

even if

it was bulletproof glass, its clear now

you can fire

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Two hearts converged

Two hearts converged, each in searching mood.

(How strange that Fate had prepared them both

to be open and fully prepared to see the good

of what may live where once loss had stood.)

Now Gain lives in that place, with Truth.

Each loves the other; mutual trust their crown.

Lush joys live when true love once is shared.

The uplifting grandeur of Grace is purest known.

Beauty's soul-refining powers have been shown;

the ardor-inspiring potents of Grace we've shared.

No "proud" heart here; but "true" heart, "pure" heart.

One is mine, one is hers: as same-heart now we live.

Her tender heart, soft heart, once sadly torn apart,

still seeks for Love's refuge and new reason to start;

so I accept hers, and mine brings nothing to deceive.

I shall fondly be telling this, in my latest words,

how her fullest meaning fulfils all of my intents.

Two hearts converged, lives touched, and moods.

Thus, now both are singing as one, in ringing chords:

"Your Heart Has Made All Of My Life's Difference!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

After so many years, still fresh!

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our little secret

Yeah I wanna rip your shirt off, when you’re sitting next to me in lectures

Yeah, I can stare at you all day long, when you’re making me breakfast

I know, I only signed up for a one night only adventure

But damn, I m loosing control, this cant be just a physical connection

You’re so hot, with one look, you can set me on fire

But with an attitude to match, you’re my one desire

I know you feel the same way, yeah its like an obsession

This must be love, this cant be just lust mixed with an infatuation

I felt the way you relax and hold me in public,

Yeah I know you’re scared,
cuz I m scared too, and I m freaking out a bit

I mean, it was understood that we keep this away from you’re chick

But I see now, you don’t seem to care what she thinks

I know I said, I don’t want him to find out about this

But you see, you are all I think about, even when me and him kiss

And now with those beautiful gray eyes, you stare

Right through to my soul and I feel bare

I feel like the cloudy skies are finally beginning to clear

Yeah your hair smells like the perfect breeze in the summer

And baby boy, with those curls that wrap perfectly around my fingers,

Yep, I m the only one that can kiss you this way, I want you to remember

Your smile is perfect,

It’s like catching the perfect Kodak moment,

Even if you leave now, let me tell you this

You and I were part of something special, don’t you ever forget

Our perfect moments, it’s something I’ll never regret

You have made my life worth living, and I will keep you, our little secret

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Never Let Go

emotions on paper

Her smile enchanting,

Her body enticing,

Her voice serenades my sences,

Her touch made me whole,

Her kiss electrified me,

These things i wish she know,

Her eyes pierce my soul,

Even thought she's gone,

I've never let go,

Even though she's gone,

I've never let go.

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you know that i love you.

you know that i care.

you know that if you call me,

i'll always be there.

i try and try,

yet nothing changes.

time moves on,

and life's turning pages.

it's been years,

and it's still the same.

why do you want to cause me pain?

you say you love me.

but im not certain.

should i give up,

and find a new person?

there's something about you.

i just cant forget.

i cannot pretend,

that we never met.

i try to put you,

in the back of my mind.

but these feelings for you,

i cannot hide.

you've got me now,

and you've got me forever.

when will i have you?

will it be never?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

....missin my friendz

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all i can do...

so all i can do is be there for you

while i wish i was there with you

all i can do is wish dream you're mine

while in reality your hers

all i can do is hug you

while i wish i could hold you

i can be is your best friend

when deep inside all i really want is to be yours

this is an impossible

because you're with her

and not me...

this is my impossible

because i cant let you leave

and why am i so afraid of loosing you if you're not even mine?

why am i so attached to you?

if all you are is my best friend

i love you but i cant tell you

and all i know

all i can do is be there for you

while youre there with her

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7-19-09 untitled

There you are

Shining like a star

With beauty you do gleam

The angel of my dream

I wish to hold you in my arms

To protect you from evils charms

To feel your gentle touch

That way I know you're there

I know I'm asking for much

But your name is beauty to my ear

You I truly adore

And I do wish for more

My mind is stuck on you

Leaving me not knowing what to do

My heart wanting you to take a chance

Though I don't seem like much at first glance

Together they wish to hear you say

ON some unknown day

You asking :will you be mine"

And of course I would be thine

These are only dreams

For now that is what it seems

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