The Upper Hand


The tick of the clock drives me

to pure hysteria


a short amount of time

from the moment you walked into my life.

Your red lips

and dark hair,

enchanting to me

calling me.

You sang your song,

lulled me in with your Siren melody.

And I saw you,

wave your tail to me

while I drifted away

in the salt soaked sea.

We met and parted

nothing contagious

nothing combustable.

But I feel the heat of your skin,

I taste the tip of your tongue,

and I crave the peace in your eyes.

The clock still ticks and tocks and

I whimper in this silence you've created

with me in it.

Trapt in it.

You have the upper hand,

hold all the cards,

ball is in your court,

and all this delights you.

I am strung along,

needle and thread through a popcorn body.

You keep me fluctuating

back and forth

I'm the pendulum swinging,

gently swaying to the harmony

of your heels of the floor,

the release of your breath,

and the beating of my heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You've got me captivated...

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