Standing Ovation

You stood there

Gazing at me

Then you stepped forward

And asked a dance of me.

Holding me close

I can hear you breathe.

You twirl me around

How can I leave?

The lights are dim

All eyes are on us.

I feel like I am flying

It's just the two of us.

I've fallen in love

All over again

It's like the first time

Except with the same man.

I can not think

Of what could go wrong.

In your arms

Your embrace is just so strong.

The song soon ends

The crowd bursts in uproar.

My eyes then open

And my heart soars.

Your eyes are so deep

You take my breath away

Nothing could be better

I want this all to stay.

Just don't let me go

Let me treasure this night.

I will make it all better.

I will do it right.

I can see it in your eyes

That you wish for the same.

Let's keep this forver

Let's stop placing the blame.

I still love you

Now more than ever before.

Everyone is leaving

But we don't leave the floor.

The chairs are up.

The guest have all gone.

THe music is still

No lights were left on.

The curtain closes.

The house lights come on.

It's a standing ovation.

Act one is done.

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