all i can do...

so all i can do is be there for you

while i wish i was there with you

all i can do is wish dream you're mine

while in reality your hers

all i can do is hug you

while i wish i could hold you

i can be is your best friend

when deep inside all i really want is to be yours

this is an impossible

because you're with her

and not me...

this is my impossible

because i cant let you leave

and why am i so afraid of loosing you if you're not even mine?

why am i so attached to you?

if all you are is my best friend

i love you but i cant tell you

and all i know

all i can do is be there for you

while youre there with her

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I fake a smile just To hide my scars's picture

omg!!! i know exatly how you feel. i was in love w/my b-f-f and he never wanted to be w/me. he was my first love as a matter of fact. for 4 1/2 years i was in love w/him and went through hell and pain. he'd be w/a girl and it'd make everything worse on me. i hurt so bad that i've said i wished i'd never met him, and tried to say i hated him. even though that was always a lie. so i've definately been there. if he don't love you back, the he doesn't deserve you. you'll find somebody. i promise.