When To Get Out

They said I was too friendly

and too mean

and both were unprofessional

They said I didn't wear enough clothes

and I wore too much

and neither was the right look for the job

They said I was too worried about being first

and then I wasn't fast enough

and there was no middle

They hired me to communicate

and told me I talked too much

yet I wasn't given a chance to state my side, my opinion, my view

They said I needed to mature, needed more experience

But they said they expected more from me than ones that had been there for 25 years because of my background

so I did everything I could

They said I wasn't the right fit

and this time I knew why

they'd called it "the piping" in the past

He said he'd never managed a woman before

And I knew the translation

He wasn't going to manage a woman anymore

Because he'd made the distinction

The discrimination

I was a female

in a man's world

and they'd say anything

to get me out.

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