Religious sects

Religion and Government

Just a thought!
Religion and Government
From beginnings in time, Religions ruled..Government was Religion.
Religion, Government, People, Power, Property.
Sects within religion..Government adopting stronger sects,changing beliefs.
Bigger sect, more people, more soldiers, more war, more land to rule.
Now, follow, flee, or fight and die. Banners flown, heads rolled.
People marching by the thousands to escape control, continued beliefs.
The meek shall inherit the Earth, Only the strong survive... all in perspective.
Religions are dangerous. Followers beware. If you researched their history,
Your choice of doctrine to follow would be one of skepticism.
Just to pick one...Roman Catholic, One of the most powerful. "They still rule their
own city."  Thousands upon thousands were put to death to implement that Religion.
Started by one dictator wanting to rule the world and fill pockets of the chosen ones.
Thank God, our government has seen fit to separate "church and state"...

Otherwise we'd all be Muslim!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not a poem.......Just a little truth in history and perhaps a little poke at our ruler...

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