I seriously doubt it was a governmental requirement

To disrupt the initial plans for our retirement.


It’s ironic don’t you think that the first place we wanted to see

When we retired, was our nation’s capital…Washington, DC.


But for reasons only they know the government in that town

Chose to fight amongst each other and shut the government down.


When you watch them arguing with each other in the Capitol or on TV

They’re acting more like toddlers than the rulers they should to be.


Because like toddlers the Republicans suffer from a childhood syndrome

“I didn’t get my way so I’ll take my government and go home!”


When you listen to their sound bites at how all this went awry

You have to ask yourself, in Washington, does everybody lie?


I’m sorry our trip is cancelled but I am even more dismayed

At all those people who during this shutdown won’t be getting paid.


If any of our founding fathers were still alive today

I’m confident that I know exactly what they’d say.


They’d say we tried to be intelligent with this government we designed

But this, my friends, is not the government we had in mind.


They’d lament at how it’s not the leaders but the politicians who make the rules

And they’d shake their heads in disbelief at this government of fools.


Earlier I compared them to toddlers…this loose end now let me sew up

For unlike the politicians of today…toddlers eventually grow up


I don’t have any answers but to fix this there might be a way


Perhaps we can find our leaders…on the next Election Day.

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