a lost friend

Sand by the Sea


Sand by the Sea

You could have sat here with me

On the sand by the sea

Our fingers entwined

Our smiling faces lined

Wrinkled with age

Every new day is a brand new page

Turned by us as one

Like the end of a book, our tale nearly done

But here I am alone

Still as a stone

On the sand by the sea

No one here with me

Look at the water and see your smile

I wish it could stay for a while

My eyes fill with tears, clogging my vision

As I sit back and envision

What we could have been

But alas this world is mean

The devil stole you away

Right after our last day

Three days later I heard the news

Looked down to cry to my shoes

My love is dead

I think in my head

I shall love no more

As to not destroy my world

So I grew up a hermit

As I could not commit

As I remember sitting by the sea

Just you and me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Also written for my friend.  R.I.P EMS

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Run Run

Pain in the soul

Run, Run

Run run out the door

Run run till I can’t no more

Run run far away

Run run to ignore this day

Run run from the pain

Run run like a runaway train

Run run to the dark alley

Run run to Death’s Valley

Run run to the overdose

Run run till I’m comatose

Run run to Hell’s gate

Run run cause I can’t wait

Run run out the door

Run run till I can’t no more

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hello again.  I wrote this poem about a friend who moved to Baltimore with her alcoholic father.  She killed herself within three days of the move with an overdose of perscription meds.  this was two years ago, and I miss her so much.  Hope you like it.

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Lament of the Pencil

I lost my pencil today

It slipped off the desk

As I walked away.

I went back to look

But my poor pencil

It seems someone took.

It was dear to my heart

Now it's gone for good

Forever we must part.

Goodbye, good pencil.

Be well.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my sister's poem. She wrote it in October 2012, and just now wrote a sequel, so I decided to put them both up. The sequel is called "Reunited".

She originally posted it on Facebook with this text;


"So on average, I write poetry about... never. But today my English class was exceptionally dreary, so instead of listening to my English prof, I spontaneously decided to write about something that's been weighing deep in my heart since last night and share it here on Facebook.

Behold, the Lament of the Pencil."


So again, this is my sister Sarah's poem. I do have her permission to post it and the sequel "Reunited" here. I'll let her know about any comments, so feel free to address them directly to her!


Link to Reunited:



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"She was born from conscious,
created in dreams of malice; the
law of attraction with flaws. I
became her muse, the fuse that
ignited her rage and pain; now
she is a sage; learning from my

Author's Notes/Comments: 

in death we learn....

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Always Loved

Even though you’re now gone,
You will always live on.
Forever you will stay,
Living in another way.
In our hearts we all know,
That in turn we will all go.
But it’s the pain of the time without,
The endless fear and doubt.
It’s the moments you’re heard,
The silhouette that’s blurred.
A new tear in the eye,
It’s unfair that it’s goodbye.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not sure why I wrote this one, I've never been unfortunate to lose many people over the years, just a Step-Granddad. I remember he was a nice man, he used to always give us custard creams and lemonade and a fiver. He had a bungalow in the countryside and it had a small stone wall all the way around it, behind his house was just hills of fields. So I guess this one is for you.

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