love poetry


Love Poems

I hear you now, 
the night in heat 
a seducing wistful breeze 
brushing rainbows for 
my imagination and all the 
sweet love songs and verse
blowing gentle on my mind.

At one enticing word,
moving swiftly 
like an arrow through the air, 
caught in a wind song; 
I hear you,
Enraptured by  your words ... 
sizzle syllables that captivate
moistened by your poetry, 
inked to draw me closer
like a candle to darkness 
more precious than diamonds
and more costly than gold,
the treasure most beautiful
only you can speak
my love.

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For Alisso 7-9-11


Words flow in

but stumble out

I whisper things

I’d rather shout

My heart thinks

before my head

Fingers cling

to words unsaid

Time stands still

while blurring past

Please tell me things

I haven’t asked

Too far to touch,

too close to speak

I’m bravest when


you make me weak

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for my now-fiancee, when we'd just freshly confessed our feelings for each other. 

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Heart on a Wild Ride

I was running through the wilderness,

Heart torn and eyes too big to see,

In my fortress of solitude,

A temporary space to escape in,

You came to me in my dreams.


Now my heart beats proudly, as you’re holding on to me,

I painted perfection; it’s only you that I can see.

You’ve taught me I’m a fighter,

When naked, I still believe,

You are more than just a figment of imagination.


This love is a fire, that when touched it can heal,

Burning passion lingers, the reason I breathe,

The future is ours, a wild ride together; we are free,

We are just ordinary people in our extra-ordinary worlds,

When with you there’s nothing I can’t believe,

I loved you before I met you,

You came to me in my dreams.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The repeat of the refrain may bug some people, but it's to show from the beginning to the present (there is no end).

~ I will hold your heart with care ~


I feel so alarmed since I distinguish this feeling
I’d warn myself so many times
for I’m so afraid to find out the ending
I need to stop myself from crossing the lines


but I changed my mind because my heart is so powerful
I can't hide it, can't deny it to myself no more
I love you more each day
and I’m sure I can love you for years, baby.



I don't want to wonder which hurts more, darling
I don't want to keep on wishing if only I say something
and I made up my mind, I’ve got to let it show
because your love is all that matters to me, you know




I can deal with your current situation
and what-so-ever your kind of regulation
just shower me your understanding and affection
and I can promise you that I’ll hold your heart with care
I will never ever try to make your eyes shed a tear.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

just another love poem of mine...filled with question and emotion.

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