~ I will hold your heart with care ~


I feel so alarmed since I distinguish this feeling
I’d warn myself so many times
for I’m so afraid to find out the ending
I need to stop myself from crossing the lines


but I changed my mind because my heart is so powerful
I can't hide it, can't deny it to myself no more
I love you more each day
and I’m sure I can love you for years, baby.



I don't want to wonder which hurts more, darling
I don't want to keep on wishing if only I say something
and I made up my mind, I’ve got to let it show
because your love is all that matters to me, you know




I can deal with your current situation
and what-so-ever your kind of regulation
just shower me your understanding and affection
and I can promise you that I’ll hold your heart with care
I will never ever try to make your eyes shed a tear.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

just another love poem of mine...filled with question and emotion.

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